Women’s Flared Jeans 2021

Women’s Flared Jeans 2021 are inspired by the elephant leg or eph leg pants. This well-known piece from the 1970s was first created for sailors and was called the Seafarer. A New York tailor, a former member of the Marines, designed these pants for their practicality. Its flared cut at the calves and the fall of the pants made it easy for sailors to take it off, roll it up when needed, and could even be useful in the event of a shipwreck. Thus, the pants could serve briefly as a float as the cut allowed air to pass through the legs. Since its creation, it has come a long way. It became a popular garment for beatniks, hippies and period stars like the Beatles. It has been revisited by many stylists to take the shape, today, of flare jeans as we know them.

A pair of womens flared jeans can give your look a touch of vintage. They are amazing for casual, classic and even for special events if you know how to wear them.
You can try the flared jeans in combo with:
– T-shirts
– Sweaters
– Cardigans
– Shirts

No matter what your favorite combo might be, it would be great if you can get a chic look.
Flared jeans are versatile therefore it will be easy for you to find the right combination. And, of course, they are also very comfortable.

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Are you a minion? Extremely scarred trousers do not necessarily benefit your proportions. Try better models – with a slightly smaller bell.

For the office: you should opt for a pair of slightly flip-floped jeans that look more sophisticated than lighter ones.

The light-colored denim is perfect for leisure – it’s more casual, it contributes to a look bohemian.
Evaded jerseys go best with platforms, whether orthopedic sandals, shoes or boots, platform and heel.
At the same time, for a chic look, the jeans go with the ballet dancers only if the length is right and you do not step on them.
Jumps plus sneakers, the combination of friction for casual sports.
If you’re fuller, you can head first to the dark, pale bell pants with a small or big bell, for your legs will be thinner and longer.

If you are tall, wear them shorter and with a larger bell.

On the top, the fancy trousers can also wear large white sweatshirts, with wide sweaters for casual or full denim wear – fuzzy jeans and denim shirt. In the summer you can wear high-waisted trousers with a top-crop, or with large white t-shirts / shorts, and you can even be all white, or why not, if you are daring to use it with a very bloated shirt and even inflated pants .

Also, know that I’m going well with a jacket, especially if I choose a male, oversized or a camber.

Flare jeans adapt to all body types because they are endlessly available. Short, wide, slim, long … we love it in all its forms.
For the taller ones, we adopt wide, slim or cropped flare jeans, also called the kick flare. What shoes to wear with flared jeans? Sneakers, block heel sandals or pointy toe ankle boots.
If you are smaller, leave aside the wide flare jeans which may create a “bag” effect. Instead, go for a pair of slim flare jeans: tight at the thighs and slightly flared at the bottom. Slip heeled shoes under your jeans to lengthen your figure. The kick flare is also your ally, as long as you don’t wear it with sneakers, which will compress your figure.
We love flare jeans in winter because they bring structure and elegance to any look. To stay warm, put on a chunky knit sweater that you blouse in your high waisted flared jeans. Pointed-toe heeled ankle boots and voila! Heels will elevate your figure and give the illusion of endless legs. Adopt the newsboy cap to stay right in the fall-winter trend.
For a winter evening, slip on black flare jeans with a beige satin camisole. We stay in a rock spirit with a leather jacket placed on the shoulders, a gray scarf-plaid around the neck and pointed black vinyl ankle boots.
In summer, we fall for a pair of flared jeans and bohemian white blouse. We adopt nude wedge espadrilles on the feet, a great trend that comes back every summer. We leave our leather bag in the closet and we go into the basket fashion with our eyes closed. We add a small scarf on the hanse: the little detail that changes everything! Here you are, re-embodied as modern-day Jane Birkin.
The high-waisted flare jeans pair perfectly with the white slogan t-shirt. We stay in the casual look with white sneakers on the feet for the older ones. If you’re shorter, swap the sneakers for block heel sandals that will lengthen your figure while remaining comfortable during the day.
Flare jeans for a summer evening? It’s a big yes! We opt for slim flare jeans, more tight-fitting than the classic model, in dark blue. In top, we dare the maxi neckline with a polka dot wrap, and we adopt sandals with thin golden straps on the feet. And since we love to mix prints, tie a flowery headband in your hair.
Flare jeans are suitable for almost all body types as long as you choose the right fit. If you are a voluptuous woman, bet on a high waist flare: it will slim your legs while slimming your waist. Choose a low-rise fit if you don’t have a waist and your pelvis and shoulders are the same width. If the top of your body is wider than the bottom, whatever the cut, the flare is for you: it will flesh out the lower part of your body and rebalance your figure. Is your lower body wider than your torso? Avoid this cut. Balanced morphology with a marked size? You can choose a basic model. It will look great on you.

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