White Summer Outfits 2021

Regardless of trends, white remains a classic of the summer wardrobe. White pieces are ideal for both street, office and beach wear.

About white it is said that it helps us to keep our body protected from the sun’s rays, because it rejects the entire light spectrum. Besides the utility, it is very easy to combine, being a neutral color, white works associated in a lot of variants.

An all-white outfit can be harder to wear and control, but you can feel more confident in one piece in white. A t-shirt, shirt, pair of pants, skirt or dress are pieces that you can easily and naturally integrate.

You can go for the idea of ​​contrast white – black, navy white – blue, but also on softer color variants or on white with small color insertions. Don’t forget to accessorize! Oversized earrings, bracelets, necklaces should not be missing from your outfit!

The easiest thing is to use white tops, or white tops with small color inserts (an embroidery or colored lining), whether they are blouses, T-shirts or mahogany type, you will always find what to match.

White Summer Overalls

Lightweight summer overalls are the elegant solution for a stylish outfit, but in which you feel so comfortable and lightweight, you forget that you are dressed! A very important element and it comes to dressing correctly overalls refers to the accessories we use. These must be chosen with great care, and we must show meticulousness. With carefully chosen accessories, an overalls can be transformed into a spectacular outfit. The androgynous-inspired cut is worn a lot, especially worn as feminine as possible. Such jumpsuits with very short pants are ideal with T-shirts, T-shirts, jumpers with the abdomen in sight. In terms of accessories, you can choose sports shoes (sneakers or sneakers-socks) or you can go for boots or flats sandals.

best white overalls 2021
2021 overalls

White blazer

There are few things that are easier to combine and match in a women’s wardrobe such as the white blazer / jacket / tailor. And not just for those who stay in the office for a long time, but for everyone. The warm weather and, especially, the lack of mud, take out our light-colored garments from the closets. You don’t have to be part of a suit, but it will come in handy, as we said in the article: “How to choose your blazer” and give you the freedom to highlight it in as many contexts as possible. Apart from the frequent trips to the dry cleaner’s, because it gets dirty quite quickly, the jacket will not bring headaches with color matching, white being a neutral: “What are neutral colors and how we wear them”, but, yes, depending on the shape to take care of its proportions and how it balances your figure related to the other clothing items. Advice for minimalists who have created capsules in neutral colors, subtle, always elegant, without amazement. And your white jacket will be your reliable companion on hot days with a thin T-shirt or a veil dress. A T-shirt and a pair of jeans, a pair of sneakers and a white jacket and go out with friends for a coffee, a steamy dress, stilettos, jewelry and a white jacket for a summer wedding, a shirt / blouse, cigarette pants or a pencil skirt and the all-white jacket and we can go to the office.

White Summer Outfits 2021
White Summer Outfits 2021

White Trousers

White trousers are a must-have been ideal for hot days, and not only. A pair of white pants can save you when it comes to an elegant, casual outfit or even a perfect outfit for work. Slim and loose flared pants are an ideal choice in summer. Long, three quarters or short, in whatever you look and feel relaxed. These models of pants look best when combined with high-heeled shoes, but stay calm – heels that you can easily wear during the day. It will finally give your skin a light breath. White culottes will fit perfectly with high leather heels. Basically, no, especially since you thought of putting on a pair of white socks. Yes, if your black shoes have a color match at the top and you go smoothly through a black or gray belt then visually there is no inadvertence. There are so many other colors and tones in this world, wear camel, navy, nude, or combinations.

White trousers in casual outfits – You can easily get a casual outfit, starting from a simple pair of white pants. The most common and appreciated combination is the one with the white pants matched with a light denim shirt. You can get a slightly romantic outfit by matching a steamy blouse with a floral print to a pair of white jeans. Accessorize the outfit with an oversized bag and a pair of ballerinas, for extra comfort and femininity.

White trousers in elegant outfits – The classic black and white combination remains in the top of preferences, so bet on an outfit composed of a pair of white pants and an elegant black blouse. To finish the look, don’t forget the shoes or sandals with heel and the box type envelope, accessories that will give an elegant look to your entire outfit.

Hot days impose lighter materials, and a lace top gives a sexy and sophisticated look to your white pants. Complete your chic-relaxed outfit with a light short-sleeved trench coat, which you can wear both at casual business meetings and on a dream vacation.

white flared trousers 2021
White Summer Outfits 2021
white trousers 2021

Short Summer White Dresses

Make your feet visible in your favorite colors! In addition to the classic pure white, which instantly cools you, choose bright colors, perfect for the skin just tanned during the sea vacation. If you want to bring happiness and teach the day of the people around you then you can opt for an orange or a yellow dress. Both colors look gorgeous with a golden tan! White is often associated with a more casual look. Still, it also comes in a classy tone that is adopted in the office. With pumps and a handbag, the straight cut white dress ensures a chic and sharp silhouette.

The white dress beach version – The return of the beautiful days also marks that of the little white dress, summer version of the timeless little black dress. On vacation, she’s the perfect ally to show off her tan. She wears it on the hot sand barefoot or with flat sandals, a wicker basket, sunglasses and of course, the index 50.

The white dress urban version – In the city, you have two options: continue to play it lazily by simulating the return to the beach or calm the game with urban accessories. To do this, wear it with a wide blazer or oversized denim jacket, white sneakers and a shoulder bag.

The white dress evening version – In the evening, the little white dress is (almost) enough for itself. Dressing in white has never been easier. We put on a pair of heeled sandals, a pretty clutch and some gold jewelry, and the trick is done!

The Bohemian Version White Dress – In the summer, airy cuts, flowing materials and delicate ruffles make us want to look bohemian brown. For an immaculate, but poetic silhouette, we adopt the white dress bohemian version, with lace details or bare shoulders, worn with flat sandals laced around the ankle, a wicker basket, sunglasses and a straw hat.

2021 white dress
White Summer Outfits 2021

White And Long Summer Dresses

Maxi dresses and skirts are generally suited to the boho – casual style. They are steamy and they are great with hats, envelopes or xxl bags. When it comes to accessories, choose a waist belt, gladiator or tassel sandals, and a thin, crocheted cardigan that will protect you when entering air-conditioned areas. White lace and materials that perfectly imitate it are among the must-have elements of this season. A white lace day dress gives you a romantic and translucent air, matching perfectly with the mood of the bright summer days. It is a dress that can be adapted to both day and evening outfits, but it is necessary to choose carefully the model and the cut for the evening ones, which should be much more elegant. Because it is very comfortable and easy to wear, the white maxi dress is an ideal solution for summer days. Pair it with low-heeled sandals and you will feel extremely good in your skin all day long! It goes perfectly with sunglasses and accessories in nude shades.

2021 white long dress
White Summer Outfits 2021