What To Wear on Easter 2022

At Easter, tradition says you have to wear something new. And if you’re going to go shopping, don’t forget some essential rules to follow when preparing your outfit.

First of all, being a celebration of rebirth and light, the most suitable colors to wear are the light, bright ones. Pastels are ideal for your Easter outfit, whether you choose a dress, skirt or pants. Delicate shades of blue, green, pink, beige, lilac or yellow match perfectly with this season.

Delicate floral prints are also a good choice for Easter. Opt for flowery materials in light shades and avoid massive prints in bright colors.

Dresses and skirts of medium length, above the knee, but also long ones are suitable for this occasion. The type A cut is the most suitable option. Avoid pencil skirts, but also those with cracks.

Don’t forget to take a trench coat or cardigan with you because the weather is unstable in the spring and much cooler at night. Avoid leather, denim or jumper jackets, which are not suitable for such an occasion.

Tips to follow while dressing up for Easter:

– Always opt for bright dresses with beautiful and bold patterns
– It is time to flaunt all your stunning accessories for Easter Sunday
– Always pay keen attention to your footwear for Easter depending on how you plan to spend the day
– It is better to stick with flats or supportive heels
– Using hats or floral headbands is ideal when going for stylish Easter Look
– Always keep a light cover up or sweater with you in case the weather gets chilly
– Do keep shades, wet wipes and sunscreen with you if you will spend most of the day outside
– You must wear something cheerful. It’s spring, isn’t it?
– Try to feel comfortable also, it is an important aspect

If you are thinking about accessories then try to take into account the rest of the outfit. Keep the note cheerful but try not to be ridiculous of course. Statement necklaces should be avoided.

Cloth pants

What To Wear on Easter

If you prefer to wear pants, there are many options for such an Easter outfit! You can opt for a pair of canvas pants, extremely comfortable and cool, but they look elegant.
At the top, you can wear a blouse with long sleeves or three quarters, not very tight on the body, but not too wide, so as to benefit you without feeling uncomfortable.
Because it is a simpler outfit, you can choose to combine it with a hairstyle that offers volume, such as large curls and makeup in pastel colors.


What To Wear on Easter

Maybe you’re the most comfortable type, who doesn’t like to waste a lot of time arranging himself and who always wants to feel at ease. In this case, the perfect outfit for Easter will be an accessorized jumpsuit. You don’t have to spend time thinking about how to match more clothes, you will only choose the desired jumpsuit, which will, however, have to be an outdoor jumpsuit, not a home jumpsuit.
Just add a few more powerful accessories, such as a pair of long, gold earrings, a necklace or scarf around your neck, or a wide belt with a large buckle, to make the outfit shine.

Floral day dress

What To Wear on Easter

This year, Easter takes place on a sunny day and how better to enjoy spring than with a flowery, spring dress! Choose from your wardrobe a dress as airy and light as possible, which will make you feel elegant, but also relaxed.
You can match the dress with a pair of ballerinas and you can catch your hair in a light bun, to give the impression of a “swan” neck and, at the same time, to highlight the dress.

Leather pants

What To Wear on Easter

As you already know, the weather in April can be quite changeable, which is why you need to find a middle ground in terms of clothing. It is good to think of outfits composed of both thin elements and thick clothing, so as to create a balance. Therefore, you can choose a thick sweater, leather pants and women’s sandals in a bold shade. Add an envelope bag, some jewelry and enjoy the beauty of Easter! Leather pants are one of those trends that we simply can’t get enough of. Because I know how much you love them, we will review some rules of good wear of leather pants, but also some ideas for chic outfits. Gone are the days when they were worn only by bikers or rockers. Today we wear them with almost any piece in our wardrobe, in any season, on any occasion. It’s all about finding the right pair of leather pants for your figure. Personally, they are more for the idea of leather pants than for tights. This means a little more structure and a fuller material – they will give you a more fashionable look and you will be able to compose more sophisticated outfits. Leather pants are very sexy, cool and highlight your shapes. You can’t help but notice when you wear these pants. The model of women’s favorite leather pants, the one we see most often on the catwalks and worn by celebrities, is the model of skinny leather pants. But you can also choose another model, flared leather pants, even wider. Especially if you have a lot of extra pounds. Then you can’t wear skinny leather pants, because they will highlight all your flaws. You have to be careful when matching the leather pants. Don’t wear them with a leather jacket, because you will give that impression of a motorcyclist. Of course, you can wear them if you go with the engine, you will be really cool! Leather pants can be worn at any time of the day, they are not only created for nights in the club, so we thought we would give you some how to wear leather pants depending on the different occasions. If you want to get out of anonymity, wear leather pants!

1. Casual – If you spend Easter with your family and want to feel comfortable, then we recommend choosing a casual outfit. Casual outfits are perfect for family meals, going out on the green grass and in nature, for visits to grandparents, but also for visits from close friends. Some clothing items that are very comfortable and that you will not fail are oversized sweaters, cardigans, overalls and denim sundresses, colorful pants (mustard pants, red, green, etc.), but also wide T-shirts. Don’t forget that this year you are wearing oversized hair bands that match perfectly with casual outfits.

2. Elegant – Easter is a perfect occasion to wear your favorite dress, especially if we go to a restaurant or a party.

3. Spring – Spring is a very difficult season in terms of clothing, but it can also be an opportunity to match certain winter clothing items with summer ones. The outfits we can wear in spring can look really unique if we use our imagination. Boots, a leather jacket, long-sleeved dresses, shirts, and jackets are just a few examples of clothing we can wear for Easter.