What Sandals Are In Style 2023

Sandals have come a long way from the simple flip-flops of summer past. The latest trends take your feet to another level, and there’s no reason you can’t look stylish while you’re at it!

What sandals are in style 2023 – sometimes, having fun is just as important.
While many people would agree that wearing sneakers with jeans or shorts looks like absolute sacrilege (and they aren’t wrong), there’s something kind of cool about looking put together without trying too hard. And what could be easier than slipping on some flip flops? It doesn’t matter if you’ve got killer legs underneath them — everyone needs shoes for their feet. But when it comes to fashionable footwear, things get more interesting.

Nowadays, sandals do so much more than simply keep your toes warm during those hot summer months. They’re not only cute, but versatile enough to wear all year round. In fact, according to experts, sandals actually make quite an appearance this season. There’s definitely been a shift towards sophisticated styles over basic ones, which means we can expect to see even more options available to us now than ever before.

Sling back sandals

These days, slinging backs tend to sit higher up on the ankle rather than lower down, making them perfect for day time dressing. If you’re thinking about going casual yet still feel slightly dressed up with these chic sandals, think about pairing them with skinny jeans and a plain white tee. Or, if you prefer to tone everything else down, go ahead and pair yours with loose fitting sweats and a cozy scarf instead. Either way, sling backs give you a polished finish, plus help elongate your leg line and add volume around the ankles.
If high heel pumps don’t really suit your lifestyle anymore, consider checking out the newest trend in evening footwear: sling backs. These sleek sandals offer comfort and versatility, meaning they work perfectly well both indoors and outdoors. Plus, because they also feature sling straps, they allow you to change up the length of each shoe by adjusting the strap yourself. This provides tons of styling flexibility, letting you choose between shorter or longer versions depending on where you plan to head next. That said, it’s worth remembering that since they’re designed to fit closer to the ground, sling backs may not necessarily be appropriate for every occasion. For instance, if you need to walk far distances, then you might want to opt for a different type of sandal altogether. However, they’ll certainly be great for lounging poolside or sitting outside on the sofa watching TV.

Sandal wedges

Sandal wedges are similar to ballet flats in terms of size but function completely differently. Instead of providing a platform for your toes, wedge sandals serve mainly to heighten your profile. As such, they’re best suited to daytime events. Pair yours with neutral colored pants and a buttoned up blouse for the ultimate laid-back vibe.
On the upside, sandal wedges boast plenty of functionality. Not only are they generally comfortable, but they also offer protection against harsh elements thanks to rubber bottoms. Since they’re open toe, you can easily slip them on and off whenever needed. Moreover, unlike traditional sandals, wedges are made from sturdy materials that won’t bend under pressure. Finally, if you’d like to explore additional design possibilities, pick up a few pairs of matching wedges in various colors. Then, you can coordinate outfits using either black, tan, or nude tones, allowing you to mix and match any number of ways. This model of sandals is preferred by women of good seasons and this is because it offers both comfort and height and an air of elegance. You can wear them with shorts to highlight your tanned legs at a beach party. But you can also wear them in a boho dress for a relaxing dinner by the sea. Wedge-soled sandals – cork, twine, rubber or leather – are essentially casual footwear but can be integrated, with a little imagination, into a more special outfit. This model of sandals is preferred by women of good seasons and this is because it offers both comfort and height and an air of elegance. You can wear them with shorts to highlight your tanned legs at a beach party.

Clog sandals

Clogs, an item specific to the ’70s, a period that has dominated the fashion landscape for several seasons. Interpreted in various forms, clogs with a retro design, with a high platform and a thick wooden frame or imitating wood, are the favorites of the moment. Wear them with pieces reminiscent of the same period in fashion or with current items, they have all the chances to become the coolest item in your summer wardrobe. If you want to invest in a pair of summer shoes, get inspired by the outfits of local celebrities to create outfits worthy of envy. It matches perfectly with the tapered, dark-colored trousers up to the ankle, a white shirt and a jacket in a more cheerful shade, such as green or pink. You can also get a very elegant outfit with a midi dress, tight at the waist and a pair of clog sandals. Extremely practical, this type of footwear fits very well with office, casual or elegant outfits, so you can easily add them to your summer wardrobe.

Stiletto heels sandals

Stilettos continue to reign supreme among the world’s favorite sandals. Generally speaking, the taller the better, though, you should remember that the greater the height difference, the harder it becomes to balance properly. Because of this, it’s recommended to stick with heels measuring no more than 1 inch high.
However, despite being associated with designer labels, stilettos are affordable enough to own regardless of income. To pull off this feat, retailers frequently sell them online at prices comparable to department store sales. Once again, these are meant to enhance your overall image rather than replace expensive accessories, so they’re sure to complement your wardrobe nicely.