Ugg New Boots

UGG new boots are among the favorites of women from all over the world. They practically became a staple for what it means the fashion trends during the latest years.
New UGGs boots are versatile and this is why they can be matched easily with many various clothing pieces. In this respect, there is a very important dressing rule to follow when wearing UGGs. This rule stresses out the necessity of making your lower body look thinner in order to create a contrast. This means to wear UGGs with skinny jeans or leggings for example. For sure this type of combo is very often seen. The contrast created by the thin legs and the UGG boots is a successful one and gives you a very trendy look.

The UGG brand produces unisex shoes, having its origins in Australia, New Zealand. Usually, the boots are made of sheepskin with two sides: the one with fur on the inside, the one made of neutral colored leather on the outside and a synthetic sole. Initially, UGG shoes were worn by surfers to keep them warm after coming out of the cold water, and in the 70s it also reached surfers from America and Great Britain. Sheepskin boots became a trend in the United States at the end of the 90s, and after 2000 they took over the whole world. Comfortable and modern, UGG boots have established themselves in recent years as must-have clothing accessories due to their casual-relaxed style and usefulness in areas with a cooler climate.

For the upper body, you can wear a cardigan for example. Another interesting aspect is to try as much as possible to don’t cover the UGGs with pants or skirts because you will reduce their charm (this is another reason why a pair of skinny jeans is appropriate). Beside the skinny jeans, you should try to wear UGGs with a pair of leggings. Add a long cape and you will have for sure a very interesting and chic look.
You can definitely match the UGG boots with many pieces of the outfit, important is to create the best combos in order to have a trendy look.

If there is one pair of ankle boots that returns every fall-winter, it is the UGG of course (pronounced eugue)! As soon as the temperatures drop and the toes freeze, UGGs make their comeback on the cobblestones (and even on unpaved roads) to warm us up with big blows of toupee.
With their large sole sole, their warm moumoute and their enveloping slipper-like shape, UGGs are to ankle boots what pilou-pilou are to slippers: absolute comfort!
Chestnuts, gray, black, beige, pink, white … UGG boots are available in several formats and multiple colors to the delight of fans of lined boots. To help you adopt UGGs with style and distinction, follow the guide!

Basically, these big lined boots were reserved for Australian surfers who wanted to immerse their feet in a cocoon of softness after a hard day on the waves. But that was before the ankle boot was exported to the United States and won the hearts of American fashionistas. You might as well say that from the moment Oprah Winfrey said she was a fan of UGGs, the trend was launched forever.
Whether we love them or hate them, we cannot take away from them that UGGs are insanely comfortable shoes: some will say that their comfort takes precedence over their look while others blame them for lacking in class: “J ‘adore “,” it’s ugly “,” too comfortable “,” what a horror “… that’s what happens when we talk about UGG.
But who says UGG does not necessarily mean pajamas in pilou pilou and bun on the head: you can very well wear them outside your living room and have class, yes madam! So obviously I advise you to avoid loose jogging and the sweatshirt with a message if you do not want to look like an American student straight out of her campus and advise you instead to choose chic outfits or at least not too casual.

A straight skirt and a big knitted sweater, boyfriend jeans with a long coat, a wool sweater with ripped jeans, a little black dress with a pretty trench coat … no longer see UGGs as slippers but as ankle boots classics and presto, the magic happens! Especially since you don’t have to choose the original camel model: the brand offers plenty of variations in black, gray, lined, with buckles and even in the high boot version which are a little less casual.

We even find more fancy models with rhinestones, studded straps, bows, sequins, sequins and faux fur concoct a good little cocooning look this winter.
So don’t hesitate any longer: before the icy wind and snow set in, pull out your best pair of newest UGG boots to keep your feet warm.

Regularly, so that they keep their new look, do not hesitate to repeat the operation of the upstream treatment (spraying a special suede maintenance product + drying + suede brush). Always avoid drying your UGGs in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Pair of New UGGs boots:

  1. Versatility – is a more than essential aspect for a pair of shoes. Especially since we are talking about a not very cheap piece and it is an investment for a longer term and versatility is important. If chosen correctly, the new UGGs boots can be extremely versatile.
  2. Diversity – a UGG boot does not mean that it is just a boot, contrary to the preconception that there is only one model of UGG boots and only those you can wear. In fact, that model we all know is just the classic / iconic model of the brand, as each brand has an iconic model, but the brand brings so much variety in models that it’s a shame not to explore all the alternatives: with down, pins , laces, bows, glitter, zipper, stones, staples or anything else that can go through our heads (not to mention the colors!), there is a UGG for everyone.
  3. Comfort – this is nothing new, everyone knows that UGG is in the top of the most comfortable footwear models through its characteristic design and the material from which it is made. And yes, the material really makes a difference in this case! Not being a rigid material, the boot molds to the foot and covers it in a warm layer, while maintaining its flexibility and elasticity.
  4. All the stars wear them – from Gigi Hadid to Jennifer Lopez, from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Olivia Culpo, most celebrities who have a say in the world of trends have been seen at least once with UGGs on their feet. If the stars who have become a fashion icon wear UGG, we are definitely talking about a global trend with potential and well-founded reasons.
  5. Nudes Trend – in terms of trends, we can say that we are living the most beautiful era, because the trend of earth tones and nude shades are in high season and there is nothing more reassuring than a completely nude outfit. Play with the family of shades and add a pair of UGGs at the end. Or can you start with UGGs? However you prefer, the naturalness and purity of the brand are perfectly represented by the predominant color.
  6. UGG completes perfectly an all black outfit – with all black it’s hard to go wrong, but did you think it could be boring without a statement piece? A pair of UGG boots will completely change his look and make him look not only impeccable, but also complete.

Clean your UGG on the suede side

If you have stained your new UGGs boots, moisten them with a clean, soft sponge in lukewarm water, completely covering the surface of the water boots to avoid halos. If the stains seem persistent, feel free to add a drop of shampoo to your lukewarm water and use a crepe brush instead of the sponge.
Then stuff the bunches with white paper to make them dry faster and prevent them from warping. Leave to dry for 24 hours.
Once dry, with the suede brush, gently brush the boot in the direction of the grain.

Remove a halo of snow or rain on UGGs

Although they look like après-ski boots, keep us so warm and comfortable that we dream of wearing them in the mountains after a good day of skiing, UGG boots are not. Waterproof and therefore not intended for its conditions: they do not like rain or snow. However, if you expose them to these weather conditions, you may end up with ugly darker halos on the suede of your UGGs. Here’s how to make them disappear: using a crepe brush soaked in lukewarm water (with a drop of diluted shampoo if the halos persist), rub your boots, especially in the area of ​​the halos. Remember to fully wet the boot so as not to create new halos.
Finish the operation by gently running your suede brush in the direction of the grain over all the boots.

Tips & tricks to wear the famous Australian boots with style:

– Do not wear UGG boots with heavy makeup. A natural, fresh look goes perfectly with comfortable boots.

– Sweatpants with UGG boots are a combination you should avoid… if you want a stylish appearance, not just an outfit for going to the supermarket or walking the dog.

– Wear UGG boots as short as possible with a pair of boyfriend jeans.

– Avoid tucking your pants into your boots, a piece of bare calf will look much nicer, or a colorful sock with a cute pattern.

-Try the combination of UGG boots – flowy loose dress (any length), possibly with an oversized fluffy cardigan on top.

Clean the inside of the UGG wool side

The inside of your UGGs, wool side, also needs to be cleaned. Enough to get rid of any stains, but especially stubborn foot odors!

– To do this, dilute some woolen detergent in lukewarm water and soak a clean sponge in the mixture.
– Then rub the woolen side of your UGG with the sponge wrung out enough upstream to allow cleaning without too much wetting the inside of the shoe.
– The inside must then be dried as much as possible using a terry towel before allowing them to air dry completely (at least 24 hours) away from the sun or a heat source.

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