Poncho for Women 2015-2016

Comfortable and versatile, a poncho can add a lot of color and originality to any outfit. It is an extraordinary piece of clothing that can perfectly complete an outfit. It has to be said that a poncho is very versatile and extraordinarily chic too.
A poncho is important also for its main quality, the one that was the purpose of its creation in South America and I am referring of course to the fact that it keeps you very well from cold and wind.

Here are some tips that you should bear in mind:
– Wear the right footwear and match it correctly with the rest of the outfit (high heels if you are short and flat shoes if you are tall).
– Think well your outfit because you should create a balance between the poncho and the rest of the clothes.
– The colors matter, so if you want that the poncho to dominate the outfit is important to match the jeans or the skirt with the poncho’s fabric and model.
– Try to be careful with matching, including the footwear, all details are important including the accessories.

As I have said before, the poncho can be worn in many combos:
With leggings – This is for sure a very comfortable and chic option that will definitely help you to obtain an interesting look which can get you out of the crowd very easy.
With flared jeans – You will obtain a little retro combo but very chic.
With skinny jeans – Chic, this is the word that perfectly characterizes this combination. Indeed, the skinny jeans will definitely help you create a very chic outfit along with the poncho.
No matter the combo you might choose, the season or the circumstance, the poncho is a much loved piece of outfit by women all over the world.

poncho for women 2015-2016

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