Most Popular Mens Sunglasses

Our style dress varies depending on where to go or the events we are attending and filled, especially in summer, an essential accessory: most popular mens sunglasses. Even if we consider this rule and create a suitable mix between dress and glasses. Sunglasses are a fashionable accessory. Obviously, we need to be able to rely on them to protect our eyes from the dazzling glare and dangerous UV radiation. At the same time, they must be pleasant to wear. It reflects your personal style and personality – not just when the sun is shining! Sunglasses have long been a fashion staple that can instantly elevate an outfit, but for men choosing the right pair to match your style is especially important. With so many different styles on the market, it’s hard to know which sunglasses are best for you – until now! We’ve rounded up some of the most popular mens sunglasses around that not only look great but will boost your confidence and give you all the summer vibes!

Flour and lightness, combined with bright colors, give each face a fresh note. Whether it’s on the beach, shopping or relaxing outside with a refreshing drink, mirror sunglasses are the perfect companion in high summer temperatures and give a color accent to any outfit. Not only do they provide UV protection, but at the same time they attract attention.

Retro glasses are a particularly cool accessory for your eyes. The vintage look is very trendy and is especially good as mirror glasses, because here are two worlds. How do Lens Glasses Become a Mirror? Mirroring sunglasses are one of the surface finishes, which adds to the exterior shade. Mirroring layers are applied to the lens through a complex process.

At the same time, the inside of the lens is anti-reflective, to prevent unpleasant reflections of light, which could disturb your vision. Metal oxide is applied to the lens using a special vacuum layering system. This layer overlaps, reflecting the rays of light, creating the coveted effect of ** mirror lenses **. The darker the lenses, the more mirrored they are, or the greater the mirroring effect. In this way, water-repellent, oil and dirt control layers are also applied. This modern manufacturing technology means that a wide range of colors is available today.

In the summer, it is prone eye area wrinkles. Therefore sunglasses come to our aid. They should be chosen with great care, lenses have protection factor sun and be special without affecting our sight. In order not to create discrepancies between glasses and carriers, they should be chosen according to the physiognomy of the face. The perfect solution for glasses suitable physiognomy is in balance. Those with oval face need lenses that emphasize breadth, such as glasses with plastic frames and lenses delivered high. People who fall into this category have the advantage of almost any model wearing glasses.

The material of the sunglasses lenses is an important feature that you should consider when buying sunglasses. Not only will it determine the strength of the lens, but it will also give you better vision.

From bold colors and unique prints, to mirror lenses or micro frame shapes, this year the designers experimented and created sunglasses for minimalist outfits, but also for extravagant outfits.

Glass lenses have an unmatched quality, but will also be the most expensive material for sunglasses. The glass is also heavier and will shatter if broken. Even though glass lenses are the best choice in terms of quality, they are not suitable for all activities.
CR39 (Plastic) is thinner, cheaper and weighs half as much as glass and is the most commonly used material for sunglasses in general. CR39 offers very good optical performance even for prescription glasses with large diopters. In addition, it has good scratch resistance due to the hard coating.
Poly-carbonate lenses are lighter, although this material does not offer the exceptional optics of glass lenses. Poly-carbonate is up to 10 times more impact resistant than plastic or glass lenses and provides 100% protection against harmful UV radiation.
We advise you to avoid acrylic lenses, unless you are prepared to buy new ones quite often. They are the least durable and optically clear. In addition, when exposed to heat, they tend to twist. Acrylic is known to be affordable, but it also deteriorates quickly.

When you buy a pair of sunglasses is essential to choose primarily based on its effectiveness in protecting eyes from UV rays.

– Look for the CE mark. This mark indicates that the lenses meet European standards.

– Look for a special label that tells you that the lenses block 99% – 100% of ultraviolet rays A and B.

– Remember that it is more harmful to your eyes wearing glasses that do not block UV rays than not at all gates.

– Choose glasses that fit your physiognomy; May they stay fixed on the nose, so prevents the penetration of several sunshine behind the lens to the eye.

– plastic lenses are often more effective than glass lenses.

– Do not be fooled / D price. If glasses are more expensive does not mean it offers more protection, but it means that there are probably more fashionable.

– The best lenses are brown or amber ones.

– Dark lens gives you no protection. Which provides protection from the UV radiation is a film on the surface of the lens rather than its color.

– Pale eyes must be protected more carefully than the dark.

When should you wear sunglasses? It is good to wear sunglasses both in summer, when the sun is strong, and in winter. The cold season is a time of year when sunlight is extremely intense especially when it is reflected by snow. However, it is not good to abuse them, because the eye can get used to it and then it may start to bother you with the light. What are the risks if you do not wear sunglasses?

Ultraviolet (UV) rays, depending on the intensity and time of exposure, are harmful to the eyes and can cause serious eye damage. The cornea is the most exposed, it is the first that can be affected by ultraviolet rays, the condition is called keratitis and is a burn caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

It requires specialized medical care and is manifested by severe pain, blurred vision, redness of the eyes, tears, photophobia. The conjunctiva can develop degenerative conditions caused by extreme temperatures and prolonged exposure to the sun, pinguecula and pterygium are two examples of such conditions. The lens, the lens of the eye, is specifically affected by ultraviolet rays, it is considered that prolonged exposure, without protection, contributes to the appearance of cataracts. Sunny countries are proof of this. Solar retinopathy or even macular burns are serious conditions that can in some cases lead to severe vision loss and are the result of unprotected sun exposure.

Aviator Sunglasses

They are characterized by sometimes, dark, very often reflective lenses having an area two or three times the area of the eyeball. Aviator sunglasses usually have very dark lenses, often reflective, with an area two or three times larger than the eyeball. The frames are very thin, and the bridge between the lenses consists of two or three equally thin bars. The original design included G-15 lenses, which exposed the eye to only 15% of the amount of light from the outside. 

The lenses are not flat, but slightly convex. The design aims to cover the entire field of vision of the person wearing the glasses, in order to close, thus, all the angles through which the light could reach the eyes. Aviator glasses are a type of sunglasses that were developed in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb. The original design of Aviator glasses can be found on the market today, under the name of Ray Ban Aviators, although there are other sunglasses manufacturers who have fallen in love with the Aviator shape and who produce models very similar to the original glasses.

Aviator style glasses remain, along with wayfarer style sunglasses, undetroned in terms of popularity. For the fashion consumer, it is a handy solution, easy to adapt to both routine and smart business outfits. The versatility that aviator glasses enjoy not only concerns the ease of accessorization, but also their ability to flatter the most diverse physiognomies. One of the reasons why aviator style glasses are so popular is their versatility. So, you don’t need very pretentious outfits to put your favorite pair on your nose. Urban casual outfits, as well as smart ones, are just as appropriate. You can also try on sportswear outfits – although here you could very well choose the wraparound or shield style. Aviator goggles perfectly amplify the military accent of the Cazone outfits. In other words, you can’t fail.

Nowadays, active pilots still wear shades of aviators, but class civilians embrace them as a sign of personal style. After all, who doesn’t want to borrow some of Tom Cruise’s harsh charm from Top Gun? The problem is, you have so many options! Classic teardrop lenses are the most functional because they offer full coverage. And this is the original style.

However, if you have a long, sloping face, this shape will enhance this feature. Navigation lenses are more penetrating and will keep the classic Ray Ban Aviator look with a twist. And then there is the sporty style in which the lenses have a square bottom and are wider. This means that the glasses can hug your face better, which makes them great for running or cycling. Metal frames are the norm for classic aviators.

The original aviators were made of 12k gold. They may be heavy, but they are very cool! The next option you have is plastic, which is modern and lighter. Aviator goggles with a plastic frame look bolder and sportier, yet they have the same iconic look. There is also a third option to choose from: the mix of plastic and metal, which gives a classic and fashionable look. When it comes to aviator shades, each color has a meaning: The green lenses are original and offer a nice balance between contrast and saturation. Brown lenses brighten your eyesight so you can see the details better. This makes them perfect for drivers and motorcyclists or for early morning and late evening, when there are fewer rays.

How to combine Aviator Sunglasses as a man and look cool at the same time!

1) First of all we are going to start with choosing what type of frames do you like most? I am sure that there are many types for men and women out there so it’s up to you which one suits you best. For me personally I prefer classic shapes such as Wayfarers or Round Frames because they go well with almost anything. The only thing that might not work is oversized jackets – these may clash with them.

2) Next step would be picking colors. We have a lot of different color options available for our glasses so choose wisely. If you are looking for something more subtle, try black or grey lenses; if you’re into bolder looks you can always go for orange or red ones. It really depends on your taste and personality. You should also think about other factors when buying colored frames – does the frame match your clothes style (for example sporty)? Does it compliment your skin tone? And finally does it make you feel comfortable? Because after wearing them you must feel confident.

3) Now we get down to details. What kind of design patterns did you like most? There are quite a few choices here too. Some people like retro styles while others prefer minimalist lines. One option could be animal prints such as giraffes, tigers etc. Another popular choice is tribal-like designs – just take a closer look at any pair of sunglasses you own and see what kind of pattern you like.

4) Don’t forget to pick frames material. Your first decision will be whether you like metal or plastic frames. Metal frames tend to give off an aggressive appearance, whereas the plastic ones usually come in neutral tones. Personally, I don’t care much about material itself, especially since both kinds of frames fit pretty well into my face. However, it’s worth mentioning that metal frames often become bent easily if you happen to drop them or knock them against something hard. They also scratch very easily. On the other hand, plastic frames are less prone to damage but their edges aren’t sharp enough and they won’t stay put on your nose bridge properly if worn alone. So depending on where you are going to wear them you should decide either silver or white version.

5) After you’ve made decisions regarding your frames you probably want to know how to combine Aviator Sunglasses as a man. Well, let’s cut through all the nonsense now. Just follow three simple steps:

a) Put the frames on

b) Adjust them

c) Finally pull them up. That’s it. Simple right? But remember, before putting them on you should take proper measurements of your head, ears and chin.

This is important because the size of frames differs from brand to brand. If you buy a hat that fits perfectly well, but doesn’t suit your earlobes chances are high that it will slide around and fall off your head later. Also, pay attention to the length of the arms. If you keep them long, they’ll hang over your shoulders without making much sense. Short arms, however are perfect for keeping things tidy. In addition, make sure that your temples are big enough for your ears.

6) As we mentioned earlier, getting rid of scratches is crucial once you’ve got your new shades on. To avoid scratching yourself use special lens cloths. These soft microfiber pads will clean even smudges away.

7) Last but not least, don’t forget to adjust the arm lengths. Try moving the temple arms towards your ears until they reach the desired position. Then move them back again and repeat till you find the right spot.

8) Lastly, when deciding on color combinations, consider using colors that contrast each other. Black & White works great together, yellow/orange goes nicely with brown eyes, blue works good with greenish colored irises and pink / purple with hazel colored eyes. Mixing colors gives us endless possibilities here.

Mirrored Sunglasses

Sunglasses have become one of men’s most essential fashion pieces in recent years. They protect our eyes from UV rays while also adding some extra swagger to any outfit. But there are certain styles of glasses that can be worn by both genders—and they look good on anyone. Here we discuss how to wear mirrored sunglasses if you are a guy.

Mirror sunglasses have been around since the 70s and they’ve never gone out of fashion. They were designed as an alternative way to protect eyes from UV rays without relying on conventional sunscreens with chemicals. And while there is no doubt about their effectiveness in protecting our eyes, mirror sunglasses can also be worn by both men and women today.
The reason why we love them so much is because they add something special to any outfit or occasion. Whether it’s casual or formal attire, they instantly elevate the look of anyone who wears them. We know how hard it is to find quality designer eye-wear at affordable prices. That’s where this article comes into play! Here we’ll explain everything you need to learn about wearing mirrored sunglasses if you are a guy.
So what makes these shades different than other types of sunglasses? Well, first off, they don’t just block 100% of UVA & B light – which most sunglasses do. Second, they reflect up to 90%, meaning even when you look directly ahead, you won’t see yourself through mirror-shades. Third, they come in many colors and designs (like cat eye frames) – all of which make them extremely versatile. Lastly, unlike plastic lenses which may yellow over time, you can rest assured knowing these glasses are made from real glass.

These sunglasses are so reflective that those around you can use it as a moving mirror. Sunglasses with mirror lenses go through periods of higher and lower popularity, but they never go out of style.
Despite the statement element, glasses with mirror lenses are very versatile and can be worn in a variety of outfits. A pair of mirror glasses will help you look mysterious and confident while keeping up with fashion.

What is mirroring? – In case you aren’t familiar with this term, let us break down exactly what “mirrored” means when applied to eye-wear. It basically refers to giving sunglasses a more feminine appearance through the use of different colors and materials (i.e. metal instead of plastic).

The purpose behind this trend isn’t only about enhancing women’s features, but rather improving their overall aesthetic appeal as well. When done correctly, people should notice subtle differences between regular shades and mirrored versions. This means that even though the lenses may appear identical, the mirrored version has been altered slightly so that its inner structure looks different than normal.

As such, the best way to tell the difference would be to hold up each pair against the light.
For example, if you take two pairs of black, rectangular framed aviator sunglasses, you’d see that the mirrored ones feature white acetate temples whereas the non-mirrored counterparts have clear temples. While not all brands offer mirrored products, many do now, especially those designed specifically for women. And since mirrored sunglasses tend to cost more, you’ll find better deals online compared to buying in stores.

How do mirror lenses work? – Mirrored glass uses both traditional staining and a special reflective optical coating, called a mirror coating. This coating reduces the amount of light passing through the lens by 10-60%. Mirror lenses typically use several different coatings and are used in conjunction with other anti-reflective coatings. A small, reflective metal film is usually placed first, then other plastic coatings are used to protect it and reduce the dazzling glow effect, providing a mirror-like finish.

The Benefits of Mirror Sunglasses? – Mirror sunglasses differ from normal colored or polarized sunglasses in terms of performance and appearance. But like polarized lenses, mirror lenses offer wonderful eye protection by preventing eye strain. Mirror lenses, also called flash covers, limit the amount of light that reaches your eyes, making you feel more comfortable. Mirrors are highly reflective coatings that are applied to the outside of the sunglasses to reduce the amount of light that reaches the eyes. This makes them especially advantageous for activities in very bright conditions, such as skiing on a sunny day. Mirrored sunglasses also have a coating that makes them more durable. On the other hand, they run the risk of color falsification.

What colors do we choose in the case of sunglasses with mirror lenses?

The choice of lens color is an aesthetic decision, but you should know that the shade used to color the lens determines what color in the light spectrum is absorbed by the lens.

We have this: gray and black – reduce the overall amount of light; yellow, gold and orange – reduce the amount of blue light (cause cataracts), so sunglasses for driving at night or fog, usually have yellow lenses.

Brown – absorbs high frequency light, including blue; green – filters blue light, offers the highest contrast and very good visual acuity; pink and purple – offers the best contrast of objects on a green or blue background.

How to Wear Mirror Sunglasses If You Are A Man – There are several ways to incorporate mirrored sunglasses into your wardrobe. Some guys prefer to keep their sunglasses simple, which leaves room for mirrored accents like gold-tone chains, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, etc., to really stand out. Others choose to embrace a more bolder approach by accessorizing with multiple layers of metallic jewelry at once. Whatever suits your personality best, here are five tips to help you rock mirrored sunglasses if you are a dude.

Opt for an oversized frame or go small-sized – Another important factor to consider is the size of the frames themselves. Most folks who opt to buy mirrored sunglasses tend to go small sized because they generally favor sleek silhouettes. However, big frames usually provide more coverage and thus enhance durability. In addition, bigger frames give a more masculine appearance and draw less attention towards delicate facial features (such as cheekbones) that could otherwise overshadow the rest of your face. As far as sizing goes, you shouldn’t worry too much about going either too large or too small. The key is to stick somewhere within the middle ground where the design elements won’t clash too badly with complementary outfits.

Try wearing them with other items of clothing – One of the main reasons why lots of people gravitate toward mirrored sunglasses is due to their ability to add glamour to everyday outfits. After all, who doesn’t love dressing up just a little bit more whenever possible? When incorporating mirrored sunglasses into your daily routine, you should always pay close attention to the type of clothes you plan on wearing.
Here’s a quick rundown of recommended clothing combinations for maximum effect:
Classic T-shirts & Vests + Layers & Jackets = Layered Look
Trench Coats + Sweaters/Jackets = Stylish Winter Looks
Pants + Shirts/Vest + Cardigan = Casual Fall Style
Of course, there’s no rule saying that you must follow these exact guidelines 100% strictly. Feel free to mix things up every now and again based on individual preference. Just know that the goal is to pull together neutral tones that compliment your natural coloring and accentuate your body naturally without overdoing anything unnecessarily flashy.
Additionally, the same applies to footwear choices. Don’t forget to match up your shoes with the rest of your ensemble as well.

Accessorize – Once you’ve selected a specific frame set, the next step is to figure out what else to include in order to complete your look. Accessories play a huge role here because they serve as visual distractions and emphasize key points of interest. Therefore, depending on your current situation, you might even consider having someone assist you with picking out your ideal accessory(s), especially if you’re new to this whole concept.

Some helpful suggestions include:
Necklace – You can never go wrong with a necklace. Plus, it provides an easy solution for creating contrast between lighter hues and darker ones.
Bracelet – Another great option is a bracelet. Not only does it allow you to show off additional hardware details (like charms) but it allows the wearer to create a stronger bond with his watch.
Watch – Many experts recommend opting for a timepiece to accompany mirrored sunglasses.
Rings – Similar to bracelets, choosing rings to coordinate with mirrored sunglasses is another great idea. Rings are typically larger pieces of jewelry, and therefore they lend an air of sophistication to your entire outfit.

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