Bow Tie for Men

The bow tie for men is no doubt an exceptional option for men who don’t like to wear ties but want to have a formal and stylish outfit at the same time.

The history of the bow tie is very old and agitated, starting with the XVII th century, when it was said that the Croatian mercenaries used to wear a scarf around the neck in order to sustain their shirt. In time, they were strongly adopted by the high society in France.
The original tie bow had a fixed length, made for a certain neck width.
Nowadays, the bow tie is strongly associated with high selected meetings and parties. It can be worn by men of all ages. Well, yes, this is a huge advantage I might add. Imagine that you are able to wear it during college, when you are going to a stylish party but also when you will be older.
There are many well-known personalities who worn a bow tie and I want to mention Albert Einstein, Harry Truman, Sigmund Freud and Winston Churchill.
Usually there are two types of bow ties: the ones that require to be tied in order to result the specific bow and the ones that are already tied out. If you will wear a shirt with a swallow collar, it is for sure recommended to wear the already made bow tie with the adjustable clip for tying it. This option is the best one because you won’t be always able to make the most perfect bow.
In case of the bow ties that are not already tied, you will experience the emotions of learning how to tie them immediately after you will buy them. In order to learn how to tie them you will need to practice a lot.
Traditionally, the already tied bow ties are considered to be a little… artificial, a little false.

Yes, it may sound a little harsh, but there are fashion specialists that think this way. Still, the practical considerations sustain exactly the opposite.
Wearing a bow tie is not an easy thing to do and it is quite obvious that it is not for everybody also.
A very new trend is that your bow tie has to be matched with casual outfits (jeans, T-shirt), which is a hard thing to do without being wrong and obviously a little exaggerated.

Basically, bow tie for men is no doubt an exceptional option for men who don’t like to wear ties but want to have a formal must be worn with elegant, formal outfits. One thing is particularly obvious and which you should bear in mind – it is best to try to be as original as possible. This way you will have only to win. Try as hard as you can to be as elegant as possible when you are wearing such an accessory. It is best to create even your own style so you will get out of the crowd very easier. Anyway, the bow tie is considered to be very elegant since it was created.

Over the time, bow tie for men is no doubt an exceptional option for men who don’t like to wear ties but want to have a formal has become to be used as logo for various prestigious brands, not only by the public persons but also politicians who want to impress with their elegance. The Chevrolet Company was the first one that used the bow tie in a commercial campaign designed to increase its sales in 1914. In time, other companies have followed their example, such as Pringles, Budweiser and so on.

Bow tie for men have is no doubt an exceptional option for men who don’t like to wear ties but want to have a formal basic rules when it comes to wearing a bow tie:
– If you have an elegant shirt with a standard collar you can wear without any worries a slim bow tie.
– The width of a bow tie should not exceed the width of your face and definitely not the width of the collar.
– If you insist on wearing a bow tie during the day, you should choose one made of denim, cotton or even one made of wool in a bright color.
If you have the feeling that the tie is too common, then the tie bow represents the perfect accessory for you. If you want to be very stylish and extraordinarily chic, you should consider buying one. It is said that a tie bow can make the difference between a gentleman and a man dressed only elegant.

Here are some rules to follow before choosing or wearing your dream bow tie:

Even though there are many types of bow ties on the market, some of which will not require any manual labor to wear, if bow ties are really your true love, make the effort to watch a video on YouTube and to learn to read them. (Here’s one I liked, but there are many others). A bow tie for men can be worn in perfect combination with almost any elegant outfit and any type of suit. If you want to make your bow tie the main element of the outfit, you can always choose a more challenging model or a more unusual color. But if you want a bow tie just to complete an already solid, elegant outfit, you can always choose a brightly colored suit (black or navy blue) and a one-color shirt (preferably white) and add a black bow tie. You have to keep in mind, however, that by choosing a bow tie instead of a tie, your shirt will be much more visible.

A perfect combination of elegance and style that will never go out of style. As I said before, you need a truly unique personality to be able to wear a bow tie instead of a traditional tie. But you may not feel perfectly comfortable wearing a bow tie with all sorts of playful patterns. There is no problem. You can start with one-color bow ties or with not-so-obvious striped bow ties and only then experiment with polka dot bow ties and other more lively patterns.

General rules:

Face width – Wearing a bow tie that is too small will make your face look too big. On the contrary, wearing one that is too big will make your head look tiny. Regardless of the shape, each bow tie should be the same width as your face when tied.

Dress codes – Dress codes can be complicated. What is a Black Tie Dress Code? Why does it have to be a white tie? Can you wear a bow tie to a cocktail outfit?

Stay Casual – If you don’t have to wear a certain dress code – stay casual. Put on your jacket, roll up your plaid shirt sleeves, and tie a butterfly bow tie. Mixed Prints checkered, or even a knitted texture. The interest is good!

Avoid overly assorted colors – In addition to the attention you need to pay attention to colors.

Because there is no tie to fill the space, more white will be exposed in the chest area. Ideally, this gap should be as small as possible. Therefore, jackets with one or two buttons are not recommended in these combinations. Three-button clothes are more suitable. That’s because the V space it leaves open is smaller. The outfit is thus well proportioned. The same goes for three-piece suits. You also need to pay attention to color balance. Here are the right shade combinations when you want to wear such an accessory.

In a black suit, he wears a bow tie:

Red Terracotta
Hunting green
Dark blue Burgundy

When wearing a dark gray suit, choose a bow tie:

Burgundy Navy blue
Brown Violet Dark green For a light gray one, however, a bow tie is better:
Warm pink Purple lavender
Blue Burgundy Brown For a navy suit, match a bow tie
Burgundy fad Black Pink Mint green

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