Best Winter Jackets for 2024

Because many of us consult the Internet very often when we want to make a purchase and are in doubt about certain aspects, today we will talk a little about how to… this time how to choose the best winter jacket. Before looking at all the specifications of best winter jackets for 2024, you should think about what you will use it for. If you intend to do a high-intensity aerobic activity, such as running or skiing, you may want to wear several layers of clothing under a lighter jacket. But for lower intensity cardio or those chilly walks to work or school, a fluffier jacket can protect you from the cold.


How to choose a winter jacket according to your figure

The thick jacket is your price ally during the winter, keeping your body temperature higher despite the cold outside. However, this can become your enemy if it is not chosen properly because it sabotages your figure, giving volume to some areas where it is really not necessary.

If you learn to choose your winter jacket according to your body shape, you will not only enjoy winter without suffering from the cold, but you will also look flawless, regardless of the weather conditions. First of all, you need to identify your body type. After you do this, it will be much easier for you to choose a winter jacket that will benefit you. The small guide below will help you determine which conformation you have.

Apple figure – Women with an apple figure have voluminous shoulders and a generous bust. Eva Longoria, Jennifer Hudson and Drew Barrymore have such a figure. A winter jacket with a hood cut will give you an advantage, disguising the parts you are not too proud of and highlighting your legs.

Hourglass figure – Women with an hourglass figure are lucky because they can wear any type of jacket. Such a silhouette requires voluptuous shapes and a wasp waist, and Beyonce, Salma Hayek and Scarlett Johansson know that a balanced outfit gives them a wonderful advantage. A perfect jacket for women with an hourglass figure is a long jacket that reaches to the knees and has a waist belt whose purpose is to highlight the shapes.

Pear-type silhouette – The pear-type silhouette is characterized by large hips, small shoulders and bust and a prominent posterior. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes or Jennifer Love-Hewitt have such a figure. They know that they can enhance their figure by highlighting their small waist and adding volume to the upper part of the body. Therefore, for such a figure, waist jackets with prominent shoulders are recommended. Also, voluminous, quilt-type jackets, which are in vogue this season, are suitable for this type of conformation.


The outer shell – On the other hand, jackets with synthetic insulation also have some features that will make you love it: it is water resistant, friendly to the washing machine and can be washed without problems in it, and the price is much more affordable compared to one with down insulation. A multitude of materials can make up the composition of a jacket. But our focus should be on how they withstand the factors we will face. The waterproof properties can help your jacket retain heat and keep it dry. It is also very important to know the difference between water resistant and waterproof:

-Water resistant: it can keep away light precipitation for short periods

-Waterproof: it can keep precipitation away for longer periods of time due to the sealed aspect

-Key sealed seams: only the most exposed areas of the jacket have waterproof seams. These areas can include the shoulders, as well as the back and rear.

Lining – This is the layer of the jacket that has the most contact with the skin and can help retain heat. Wool or an additional layer of material is useful for an increased degree of comfort. A moisture-wicking lining can help keep you dry and prevent frostbite. At the same time, it can keep you warm as it removes moisture from the skin. This style of lining material can be especially useful if you do any type of physical activity.

The degree of thermal insulation – When you are looking for a coat to help protect you from the cold, you will find two types of insulation to choose from: synthetic and down. Down insulation comes from the covering layer of ducks or geese, known as plumage. Are you wondering what the downside of down is? It loses its effectiveness if it gets wet. But large clothing manufacturers have come up with a way around this inconvenience by covering these down-filled jackets with a waterproof insulating layer. Among the most well-known advantages of down-filled jackets, we recall: they are very light, very warm, can be packed easily and have an increased lifespan when properly cared for. Meanwhile, the synthetic insulation consists of polyester fibers. Unlike down, synthetic insulation can retain heat when wet and dries very easily. Synthetic insulation is measured in grams per square meter. The higher the number, the more synthetic insulation is used in the composition of the jackets. But there is also a disadvantage of jackets with synthetic filling, the insulation can be more voluminous and heavier. It can also be less durable than a down-filled jacket.

So many questions that invade your thoughts as the cool season approaches. To keep only the best of the coat selections, we stop on these models that have become real fashion essentials. And we help you adopt them once and for all.

Essential features in a winter jackets:

Hood – A large amount of heat is lost from the head, so most winter jackets come with a hood. In fact, it is more than important. The other benefit of a hood is that it protects you from rain, snow and wind. Ideally, your jacket should have an adjustable hood with switches. The ropes can be tightened to tighten the head when the wind picks up. Many technical jackets have removable hoods. If you cover over a jacket, then these hoods can be zipped into a collared pocket. This eliminates not only the volume, but also the pillows and warms the neck and shoulders. An ideal jacket for winter sports should have a hood compatible with a helmet.

Insulation – Well, from this point of view we have two types of insulation – down and synthetic. Obviously, each type of insulation has its properties that can be in some cases pros and cons in some.

Weatherproof – For a jacket to work well in all conditions, a weatherproof exterior is needed. It works well in regions with snowy and cold winters and not too many muddy days. Jackets with outer casing, for example GORE-TEX are weather resistant, so they can withstand the wetter climate. They are also ideal for lower temperatures, with wet winters and slush.

Trendy combinations

Winter jackets 2024 and dresses or skirts – Even if it seems like a totally failed combination at first glance, remember that it can be one of your best outfits. If you have a pleated skirt, with a strong print or even in one color, the jacket must be made of leather and in one shade. Short leather jackets complement outfits with dresses or skirts very well, especially if they reach the knee level. On the top there can be a sweater or a T-shirt, depending on the weather outside. A black jacket will match regardless of the color of the skirt, dress or top pieces.

Winter 2024 jackets and trousers – We never pair sweatpants with a leather, denim or fur jacket. On the other hand, if we have a sports outfit, it is clear that we need a jacket made of corduroy or polyester. Here the colors can differ, especially if you have a pair of simple sneakers, white or gray, which do not change the color of the outfits too much.

Winter Jackets 2024 and footwear – A complete outfit needs footwear to match. Sports, casual or office, the shoes must be from the same stylistic register as the jacket. Thus, a leather jacket can be matched with a pair of sports shoes, but also casual or even office. Conversely, if you wear a denim jacket you have no reason not to wear a pair of sports or casual, but never elegant, shoes. If you have a jacket in a special color, you have two options: either you choose the shoes in the same color, or in a simpler color. There should not be a discrepancy between the color of the jackets and the shoes, for the simple reason that it will not look good at all and you will spoil an outfit that could be amazing.

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