Best Little Black Dress 2022

The Little Black Dress is nothing more than a black dress, which has become famous around the world thanks to Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel, one of the most famous fashion designers of all time. Very easy to match, elegant, sober and sensual, Best The Little Black Dress 2022 is a piece of clothing that would not be missing from a woman’s wardrobe. Why? Because The Little Black Dress can be successfully worn to work, a business meeting, a dinner party with a loved one or a club party. Depending on the occasion when you choose to wear a small black dress, shoes and accessories are very important. Here are some tips on how to wear The Little Black Dress.

Certain things remain eternally current and eternally impressive. It is also the case of the adored black dress, which, for centuries, delights everyone with its formidable presence. The so-called little black dress is a clothing accessory that is absolutely impossible to get bored of, as fashion designers are constantly reinventing it, year after year, managing to constantly surprise us with new styles, designs and textures that bring the classic dress black a new breath. An essential definition of femininity, always elegant little black dress has been a must for any feminine wardrobe. Regardless of age, body shape, or preferences, you definitely have at least one elegant black dress in your closet. Because it is impossible not to find at least one model that you like, because simply the first thing you think about when you feel pressured by the fact that you are uninspired about choosing the outfit, because it brings on you a Mysterious allure, feminine and slightly seductive, because … ah, there are so many reasons why women love the eternal little black dress, that we could write a book exclusively about them.

When choosing the black dress to wear, it is essential to consider the occasion. Of course, the time of day when you plan to wear it matters. Just as not all black cars are the same, nor are black dresses the same. Therefore, at a romantic party or dinner, it would be best to wear a sexy black dress, which will bring out your shapes. The dress in question should have a heart-shaped neckline and, in terms of length, end exactly in the knee area. But be careful that the black dress you choose is appealing, not provocative! For a day party or for work, choose a black dress with no neckline, slightly wider in the thigh area, but that will fit perfectly in the middle. In terms of length, it would be advisable to lower the dress slightly below the knee.

The material – Invest in a quality piece, I cannot repeat it enough. Already because cheap black is really not beautiful, it washes out very quickly, it pills. Remember, this dress is a staple in your wardrobe. Well chosen, it will accompany you for years and years. The color should be a beautiful deep black. The material must be pleasant, so that you want to wear it often. The little black dress should be your ally, a safe bet, a safe haven in your wardrobe.

Little black dress – This is the remedy for ‘I have nothing to wear’. When you have zero inspiration, but you need to feel sexy, or to cheer yourself up for example, there will always be your friend the little black dress. It must therefore be flawless.

So which subject to choose? – As said above, there is not one, but little black dresses.

I recommend that you have at least two:

– a wool (cashmere or merino) or woolen dress for fall and winter,

– a silk dress for spring and summer. I recommend that you always favor natural materials, if you have the choice.

For a question of budget or if you really fall for a particular model, you can also opt for a viscose dress that will have a beautiful fluid fall.

Even though every woman should have a little black dress in her wardrobe, it doesn’t mean she should have just one. It is right, if you opt for the simplest model, which leaves you room to juggle with jewelry and shoes, you can wear it in many situations.

Best Little Black Dress 2022
Best Little Black Dress 2022
Best Little Black Dress 2022
Best Little Black Dress 2022
Best Little Black Dress 2022

In the following we propose 3 ways in which you can wear the classic black dress in style, depending on your clothing style and, of course, depending on the context where you will wear it.

Little black dress in a casual outfit – She wears a light black dress with a discreet neckline and knee-length, along with a sweater or cardigan and, depending on the weather, a pair of sneakers or suede ankle boots. This is a perfect outfit for autumn or spring days, when you are looking for a suitable outfit for college, for an outing with friends or, if the professional environment is not so strict in terms of clothing, for the office.

Little black dress in an office outfit – The classic black dress is an excellent option for professional environments: for a job interview, for meetings with colleagues or business partners. It is important to choose a dress model that is as simple, classic and discreet as possible. Therefore, she wears a black, knee-length dress, without a neckline, that fits perfectly on the body, together with a jacket or a blazer. Complete your outfit with a pair of black, classic, genuine leather shoes. Be careful, however: the heel must be at most medium. Too high heels are not an inspired choice for business meetings.

Little black dress in a perfect outfit for club / party – When it comes to versatility, the black dress occupies one of the places at the top of the list. Thus, you can wear a black dress both at the office and on a trip to the city with your boyfriend or girlfriends. However, you can also wear it to the club or to an extravagant party. It is important to choose a dress model suitable for such a context and to accessorize it accordingly. For example, if you are going to enjoy a night in the club with your friends, you can wear a black dress, either knee-length or mini, perfectly fitted on the body, along with high boots, with heels, made of suede. We recommend that you avoid other sexy details, such as a neckline that is much too generous. Balance is the key to the success of any outfit, regardless of context. Versatile, elegant and easy to accessorize, the little black dress is an essential piece in the wardrobe of any lady or young lady.

Tips to wear little black dress:

  • Accessorize the black dress to brighten it up – accessories are the outfit and are at the heart of your style. The black dress is sober, so you have to give it a little personality thanks to the accessories. But beware, not just any!
  • Wear sharp shoes – Black dress, black shoes? No, that’s the combination to just avoid. If your dress is black, bet on sharp shoes! During the day, opt for camel sandals or white or gray sneakers. In the evening, wear it with shoes, dressed with a small heel: metallic tones on sandals in the summer or fir green or deep blue boots in the winter. If you feel ready to take out the big game, go for coral pumps or a nice print. In this regard, you can read my article on how to wear the leopard print right here.
  • Makeup – Lately, you absolutely must take care of the make-up details. Black tends to mark facial features. That’s why it’s less fitting for a woman of a certain age because it marks the shadow areas of the face and wrinkles.
  • Be careful when choosing tights – Of course, in the summer, you’ll be wearing your bare leg dress. For the more chilly, wear meatballs in mid-season. As you know I am not a fan of flesh tights. I find that if you need to add tights to your outfit, as long as it also has a say in your style to make it a little more specific.
  • The Little Black Dress is a versatile piece, which can be associated with a classic, cool or office context – it’s all about your imagination.