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We spend at least a third of the day in bed – whether we are sleeping 7 to 8 hours recommended for a healthy night’s sleep, or reading a book at night in the light of the light, taking breakfast in bed, sitting on a laptop or tablet in the comfort of bedding. In the cold season that has just come, we are hardly separated from the warmth and comfort of the bedding.

Because the bedroom is the sanctuary where you rebuilt after a busy day, it’s important to have quality bedding, not just look, but also made of durable and comfortable material.

Bed linens are made of various types of materials, starting from the natural cell, continuing with the synthetic ones and ending with the ones made of material combinations (polytoton etc.).

However, bed linen made of natural materials “breathes” much better and so there are much less chances to make you sweat. Due to the fact that it offers a good air circulation through the fabric, the linen from natural materials are clearly superior to those of synthetic materials. Among the most used natural materials for bed linen we find: cotton, silk, linen and bamboo.
Cotton bed linens – are among the most sought after because they offer very good quality at a reasonable price. Depending on the type of cotton used and its density, cotton bed linen is divided into several categories, with prices from small to expensive (luxury bedding). Cotton satin bed linen, Egyptian cotton linen, Damasc cotton linens or bamboo linens are just some of the top quality bedding.
Synthetic bed linens – are not highly recommended because they are not as good as human skin because it does not allow a good air circulation through the fabric, which often leads to excessive sweating during sleep.
Material combinations – bed linen made of combinations of natural and synthetic materials are an alternative to synthetic materials. Manufacturers have also introduced natural materials in their composition to “increase” product quality and allow for better air circulation. However, although they are better than those in synthetic materials, the polythopon is not as good and recommended as in natural materials.

Quality of the material. If we have two cotton linen, it does not mean that both will have the same quality of fabric. It is important for the producer, the country he comes from, etc. For example, Egyptian cotton is made of long and thin cotton fibers. Another hint is the density of the yarns per square centimeter. The bigger it is, the better the fabric is and the more durable the time, the experts say.

The correct price. A little bit of negligence is the price of bed linen. It’s true that quality underwear can not have a low price, but there are plenty of stores that offer a very varied range of bed linens in the matrimonial bedroom on the size of any pocket.