Are Over The Knee Boots In Style 2022

First official attestation I’ve read about for a while now is about a 4,000-year-old mummy discovered in China and who’s wearing boots over the knees. Also, at first, it seems that only men wore them, and then came to the conclusion that women would monopolize this trend. The first woman to wear boots over her knees would be Ioana D’arc, one of the accusations made at burning at the rug, even though she was wearing men’s shoes exclusively. She has somehow started the new trend among women in France, because in the 1600s they started to wear boots over the knees. Over time, these shoes have undergone a variety of changes, reaching today more emphasis on design than on comfort. Whether they’re leather or velour-shaped, velvet, low-heeled, orthopedic or stiletto, boots over knees have become a must. I know they have already warmed up and there is not much of their time, but I had long proposed to write this article and now that I found some time, here it is! It’s okay, knee-high boots will not evaporate too quickly from the women’s wardrobe list, so my article will probably be welcome in the years to come. If we take into account designers’ recommendations, as with any trend or piece, this type of shoe is not intended for anyone. It would be advisable to be a tall girl and to have a well proportioned silhouette.

Over-the-knee boots are in trend, and if you manage to choose the right pair, you will definitely upgrade your look. These boots are still worn, as has happened in the last two years, so they must be in the place of honor in the wardrobe of any fashionista. And yes, at question: are over the knee boots still in style 2022? the answer is yes. Over-the-knee boots are recommended by stylists and are in vogue in all shoe stores, both physical and online. If you are looking for the perfect boots for the cold season, we have the most stylish recommendation for you – long boots, above the knee! Although it’s easy to wear and match, you must know how to wear such a pair of boots, depending on your body to make sure you get the most out of it. Sexy and bold, boots over knees may seem vulgar if they are not worn properly. A successful outfit can be destroyed by a pair of long boots, while a trivial outfit can be turned into a remarkable one if you wear a pair of boots whose length exceeds the knee.

Long, above-the-knee boots are exactly the model of boots worth investing in because they are a sophisticated, versatile model and you can wear them in various outfits, with oversized sweaters, jeans or elegant dresses.
I think we all agree that over-the-knee boots, if you don’t know how to wear them, you risk looking like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.” If it is not exactly what you want and you want a look, stylish, feminine and without vulgarity, as always, we have the solution for you.
Whether you intend to “recycle” last winter boots or invest in a new pair, below are various ways you can wear your over-the-knee boots and look chic, not vulgar.

Luxury And Sensuality – Over the knee boots have earned a good reputation for shoes that takes you to luxury, sensuality and sex, but this conception has changed and you can wear your boots over your knees and when you go out during the day. You just have to know what to match. Never wear very short dresses, but not too long to cover your boots.
If we talk about boots over knees, their history starts somewhere a long time ago, a few thousand years ago. If we are thinking of their primordial role, we can say that there is not so much diversity as they are nowadays, as they were made only for the purpose of keeping warm or being worn by hunters or soldiers in battles.

We must not forget that high boots are the central accessory of the outfit, so when we choose them, we must forget about other accessories that can compete with them. In addition, we must take into account the size of the clothing items. It is advisable to combine boots with a wide coat, and not with short and tight items. If we combine them with mini skirts or short dresses, it is good to avoid them being too short, because we will look vulgar. It is best in these cases to hide the boots under the skirt.

Are Over The Knee Boots In Style 2022
Are Over The Knee Boots In Style 2022
Are Over The Knee Boots In Style 2022
Are Over The Knee Boots In Style 2022
Are Over The Knee Boots In Style 2022
Are Over The Knee Boots In Style 2022

Over the knee boots should not be missing from the wardrobe of elegant women. This type of footwear looks sensational in both day and evening outfits. You may think that over-the-knee boots do not have a very advantageous or too feminine design, but the reality is that they can transform even the most mundane outfit into an outfit that turns all eyes.

Over-the-knee boots and jeans – Jeans, ubiquitous in women’s wardrobes, can be worn with sneakers, boots, moccasins or long boots! Slim fit jeans models, easy to insert in boots, have an effect of lengthening the silhouette. Choose oversized shirts, thick sweaters or printed T-shirts that will match your favorite jeans, and you will get a casual look, suitable both for the office, if your job allows, and for a party in the city, where you can dance in allowed.

Over-the-knee boots and short skirts – Over-the-knee boots, worn with short skirts, are successful, trendy and extremely sexy combinations. You can wear long boots with skirts in different colors, from green to gray or shades of brown, to neon yellow or electric blue. However, even if you can combine long boots with short skirts, be aware that they are not suitable for the office, regardless of the freedom of clothing you have at work. For a stylish look, it is recommended to wear tights in opaque colors.

Over-the-knee boots and leather pants – In the cold season, when you want to go out in the city, but you don’t know what to wear so that you feel comfortable and sexy, don’t forget the over-the-knee boots. They can be paired with leather pants, an oversized sweater or an asymmetrical blouse, along with a post office bag. Also, over the knee boots can be worn with tights, for the moments when you need a simple outfit. The boots can be brown or black, with or without heel, so that you feel comfortable while wearing them. If you want to draw attention to your feet, do not hesitate to choose tights or tights with prints, which can be worn with long cashmere sweaters or long shirts.

Over-the-knee boots and boho style – Over-the-knee boots, preferably suede boots, match perfectly with bohemian style clothes. To create a boho chic, choose a light silk dress with flowers or an ethnic print with an emphasis on the waist. Don’t forget the great accessories and jewelry, stylized in antique style: bracelets, scarves, brooches, bandana.

How to wear boots over the knees for a successful look

Over-the-knee boots are part of the category of special garments, which add personality to any outfit. Worn correctly and in decent combinations, over-the-knee boots can bring out of anonymity a casual outfit or an occasional dress, worn in winter. Chosen in neutral colors, this type of boots can be worn very simply, in a multitude of combinations of textures and shades. You can choose models with or without heel, high immediately after the knee or much on the leg, made of suede or natural leather, with laces and other applications. Regardless of the chosen model, over-the-knee boots give a sexy and elegant look to almost any outfit, being a trick that many women use to look taller and slimmer. We will see what are the main clothing combinations in which over-the-knee boots occupy a central place.

Casual Dresses – Probably not many people resort to over-the-knee boots when thinking of a casual outfit. You will definitely attract all eyes if you choose a short dress, just above the knees and a pair of black over-the-knee boots with thin heels. Elegant, but at the same time bold, this outfit is perfect for events in the cold season, when sandals cannot be an option.

Pants – Another successful combination with over-the-knee boots is the one with jeans or skinny / slim fit pants. These models are recommended because they fit perfectly on the foot and can be easily inserted into boots, without forming unsightly creases. A basic top, along with a pair of blue jeans, a belt at the waist and over-the-knee boots form a sensual and comfortable day outfit. On top of that, you can easily wear a blazer in a neutral color, to give the look a much more chic and light look. You can also opt for thicker tights or black skinny pants, which together with the black over-the-knee boots create an elongation effect of the legs, especially if the pants are high-waisted.

Skirts – Over-the-knee boots go great with short skirts, which end a little above the boot. That small space of skin left in sight is extremely sexy, but at the same time follows the rules of common sense. You can choose a monochrome closed skirt, skinny skin and black over-the-knee boots, matched with a wider sweater and a short leather jacket. A simple outfit, but very attractive. If you do not want special attention at the bottom, you can opt for opaque tights, in the same shade as the skirt and boots. You will create an elongation and thinning effect, if you choose, in particular, black. An equally simple look, but much more refined. This type of boots with midi skirts go just as well, with the hem a few cm above the boot, from different textures and models, which should contrast harmoniously with the shade of the boots. On cold winter days, you can wear a long skirt and over-the-knee boots to keep you warm, but you will no longer have the chic effect produced by them when they are in sight.

Hoodies – If you are a lover of relaxed clothing style, you do not have to choose only winter sports shoes. Over-the-knee boots also fit a long, wide sweatshirt that makes you feel comfortable. Of course, it is recommended to wear them with warm tights or tights and add a long jacket, made of strips. This way, you get a modern outfit in just a few minutes. You can choose over-the-knee boots in the same shade as the sweatshirt or patterns in different colors to create a contrast.

Leggings – You can get a great look by matching your over-the-knee boots with leggings. For the top, you can choose various tunics, long sweaters, or cardigans. You can accentuate the waist line using a belt.

What is the best way to wear over-the-knee boots to the office? – If the reason you never bought a pair of over-the-knee boots is because you can’t wear them to the office, then you can take care of it. Get ready to order your favorite pair of over-the-knee boots, because I’ll tell you the secret to looking chic, but business, wearing these wonders. The most important thing to respect is not to show an inch of skin at all. Make sure you wear straight skirts or pencil skirts of an acceptable length that fit the office environment. You can also wear skinny jeans and a sweater, along with a jacket. The second aspect to keep in mind is to wear either a buttoned shirt, an office blouse or a jacket at the top. Thus, you will look professional, but with an extra charm when you show up at the office.

Over the knee boots in casual outfits

Be on trend and wear them at school, at shopping, at a walk in the park, where, when you go with friends to the mall.
We can wear boots over knees with or without casual wear. For the guaranteed success of our outfits we only need to take care of the length of the dress, the chosen materials and the accessories we choose from.

Basic Rules:

  • Do not avoid wearing dresses or short skirts. Match them with a pair of over the knee boots and you will obtain a very feminine look
  • Wear over the knee boots in combo with blazers. You will obtain an exceptional and chic look
  • Wear them with skinny jeans or leggings. In this way you will get a comfortable and very trendy outfit. Also, this combo allows you to wear it in various situations.