Are Long Skirts In Style 2023

Analyzing the collections of great designers and the choices made by fashion icons, it is obvious that the long skirt has become a must-have. That is why it should not be missing from the wardrobe of any woman who appreciates practical style and femininity.

Interesting tips:

– To mask the abdomen and waist area, you can wear a not very long blouse that falls over the skirt, covering the waist.

– The length of the skirt must match your height.

– Match a blouse with the style of the skirt, because if the two do not match, then the outfit will not be a success.

– Choose the skirt according to the shape of your body! If you are tall and thin, any model will benefit you. Opt for pastel, nude, strong colors with floral prints, geometric or abstract shapes. However, short stature women should avoid very long skirts and opt for models below the knees or that do not cover their ankles. You should also avoid wide prints. Remember that your outfit must match your height, body shape and weight.

– Pencil skirts, molded on the body are a real challenge. Wear them only if you are thin and have a pronounced waist. They will be fashionable, but first of all, they must benefit you!

– What shoes can we wear with a long skirt? For comfort, you can choose sandals with low soles, flat or ballerinas. However, this only allows you the moment because, on a special occasion, the medium or high heel is preferable. For outdoor walks or a casual look you can wear comfortable sandals. Long skirts for the autumn-winter season go great with a pair of ankle boots. If you want to adopt a hippie style, wear sandals that close at the ankle or sneakers with long skirts.

– Wear shoes that match the long skirt (heels if you are short and ballet flats if you are tall).

– The color of your skirt must match perfectly with the shade of the blouse you are wearing. In order not to fail, choose a blouse in the same tone as the skirt, a darker or lighter one. Also pay attention to the prints! If the skirt is printed, then the blouse should not have any pattern. And vice versa. Do not combine prints with each other and in no case choose a skirt and a blouse, both with wide prints.

– A long skirt can be worn in both a day and an evening outfit. For a day outfit, choose a classic blouse in neutral colors. For an evening outfit, choose an elegant, sophisticated blouse and complete the look with glamorous accessories.

– The length of the skirt should match your height. Choose a model 2-3 inches longer. Careful! You don’t have to step on the skirt or stumble into it! Tall women can opt for a long skirt down to the ground, while if you are short, you should wear a skirt a few inches above the ankle. These models will give you the feeling that you are taller.

A long, steamy skirt is a must in summer. Usually, most of the skirts proposed by designers are very colorful and have ethnic or floral prints. What to wear them with? A black top or one of the shades on the skirt print or a white T-shirt is enough. She doesn’t take them off over her skirt, but passes her belt over her T-shirt or T-shirt. If you choose a short top, then it’s even better. If it goes well in summer, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in the cold season. Obviously, you have to match it properly. He wears a sweater, even an oversized one, but on top he wears a short leather jacket, a little tighter on the body and possibly with a fur collar to give it weight.If you choose the right material, such as a chiffon or a satin, for example, you can wear a long skirt even in the evening, at a restaurant or at a show. Wear it with a molded blouse, possibly with an uneven cut, and necessarily with heeled shoes. A playful, feminine look can be easily obtained with a long skirt, just beyond the ankles. The transparent siphon or the veil, which gently leaves the legs visible, is an excellent choice. You can match it with a simple blouse or, when it’s colder, with a cashmere sweater. Structured accessories, such as a very wide bracelet, which you can wear like a cuff, will complete the romantic aspect of the outfit.

The long skirt, being versatile, is perfect both in spring and as a transition from summer to autumn wardrobe. LONG SKIRT – prints and colors – you will certainly not go wrong when choosing the color or print of the long skirt because you are free in all colors: pastel, neon or nude and print, not so much. She wears long animal print skirts, with stripes, flowers and uni. The design of long skirts is very different – you can choose long pleated skirts, asymmetrical, straight, etc. If you are tall and want to look shorter, then create an outfit in two colors, choosing a skirt of one color and the top of the outfit of another color. A bolero and a pair of ballerinas will also help you look shorter. If you are short and want to look taller then choose a floor-length skirt to match a V-shaped top and a pair of heeled shoes. It is advisable to avoid long skirts with a print because they tend to create a shorter silhouette. Don’t forget that plain outfits create the illusion of a taller figure.

Wear them with a cropped top – Crop tops and long skirts are an ideal contrasting combination. While crop tops exude a special charm, long skirts keep the attention and add an elegant feminine touch to the outfit.

Wear it with a peplum top – wear a pencil skirt and a top with a peplum detail that defines the shapes. This will be great for those straight body type women who have the least defined curves of all the different body shapes. Of course, you can also try wearing a peplum top and skirt.

Wear it with a belt – A belt can accentuate the waist area and this small detail can do wonders. For example, if you have short legs, you can try wearing a few inches above the waist.

Combinations very stylish

Long skirts and versatility – Together with a shirt, a cotton or silk top, a long pleated skirt in a neutral color and heels. Or, why not, a skirt made of a thicker cotton jersey, along with a gray T-shirt, a scarf and a denim jacket.

Occasional maxi skirt: – If you go for wide skirts made of brocade or silk, sequined ones like a mermaid tail, or some made of fabric with gold or silver blades, then you have made a collector’s item.

Holiday maxi skirts – They are ideal for the beach, especially the jersey ones, which can also be worn as dresses, if you create them with a belt. They are comfortable, they don’t crumple unsightly, they can be worn with flip flops and a tank top at the beach or with a light sweater and sandals at dinner.

How to wear a long skirt everyday – The long skirt is a very feminine piece of clothing that looks great on any girl. A very simple way to highlight the silhouette, choosing a measure that reaches from the waist to the legs, so that the legs appear longer. You can wear them with low-soled shoes in the summer, such as a pair of cute sandals or with your most comfortable flip-flops. But you can also add additional height with heels or platforms.

Boho look with a long skirt – Another of the trends of the season, among which the long skirt fits best, is the boho chic style. If you are not sure how to combine a long skirt, give the look a hippie touch and you will have your ideal uniform for the summer vacation.

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