Are Chelsea Boots In Style 2022

Sometimes the weather can become so relentless that it extinguishes any appetite for any outdoor activity: this is when a woman needs the right impulse to renew her strength to face it. It must be both a call to elegance and a firm assurance of comfort and practicability. Chelsea boots are the piece of clothing that brings them together harmoniously and that can motivate a woman in the most inspired way, so that she can regain her confidence in the success of current or future projects. Chelsea boots are warm, without being voluminous, they are comfortable and current, they have a special look, which exudes distinction, they are practical, elegant, they have the look of slip on shoes, which has renounced its original pattern, ennobling it. Slip on boots are an ideal mix of shoes, boots and ankle boots, which, for reasons of modesty and objectivity, ended up being a category of footwear whose merits have never been fully asserted.

A brief history of Chelsea boots – The fame of Chelsea boots comes from the first model. Their tradition is worthy of directing a film script. The primary model was also designed by Queen Victoria’s designer, especially for her. Their history therefore includes a resonant name. Their author was publicly proud of the fact that the queen wears them daily, and this fact proves the indisputable value of the model. The model was initially designed to serve as a comfortable and elegant accessory to cover considerable distances on foot. Then it became, curiously, a favorite accessory of equestrian practitioners, but it was also widely exploited by holidaymakers. Although commonly known as Victorian boots, the explanation for the name that made the piece famous is due to the district of West London, Chelsea, where the model became widespread and prevailed after being worn for a long time by a group of artists. in vogue and by their followers, in the middle of the last century, on one of the highways that cross the region. features Chelsea boots have design features that make them unmistakable. The lace, the anatomical mark of the boots in general, was excepted, and its place is taken by two relatively wide elastics, placed on the sides, near the ankles, but whose edge does not touch the sole. The height of the ankle reaches the level of the ankle, and their tip can be rounded or even sharp. The initial model was low-heeled shoes with minimalist heels, but later heeled models were launched. The piece is usually made of natural leather, with a smooth finish and a sober and distinguished look. The minimalist note of the model has undergone creative reinterpretations, in which the elastics are accompanied by other ornamental details: laces, zippers, buckles. They are the favorite footwear of minions with thin legs, as they create more volume in the area of ​​the ankles and calves, balancing the outfit.

Why I love Chelsea boots -I discovered Chelsea boots by force of circumstance, when I had to stop wearing heels. But before I found out I had osteoarthritis in my foot, I only wore pretty ankle boots with a heel of about 6 cm. Those who make the leg longer and give the look of a goddess. I had never looked at the Chelsea boot, it was just a dull shoe to me. Not ugly but not wow and even less essential.

Are Chelsea Boots In Style 2022
Are Chelsea Boots In Style 2022
Are Chelsea Boots In Style 2022
Are Chelsea Boots In Style 2022

How Chelsea boots match? – It is well known that the English usually include Chelsea boots in college, preppy or casual outfits, but when tested, their versatility will be deadly to prove that, although subtly masculine by design, they remain worthy to accompany and kept purely feminine, which can not miss dresses or skirts. Chelsea boots feel in their element alongside specific English items, such as the trench coat and a plaid scarf, to which can be added creatively an unexpected, surprising item, such as leather pants and a flowered jacket. For women who want to maintain their urban, sporty-casual style, but also not to freeze their feet in the cold season, Chelsea boots are the pair of shoes that keep you warm in cool appearances. Favorite jeans and an oversized sweater are enough, and if you want more, a pair of pants in slim cuts and a warm crop top will look great with them. Fashion experts assure that the

Chelsea Boots 2022 work excellently and with a boyfriend with a rolled-up cuff, and, in an outfit dominated by a denim jumpsuit with a seasonal sweater, they are exactly the necessary dose of freshness. Chelsea boots can be irreplaceable protagonists in all black outfits, and in a trendy shade, they will break the extremely chromatic monotony of the outfit.

Chelsea boots 2022 easily solve stylistic dilemmas: regular jeans, a wide cardigan and a leather jacket are quickly put together for a trendy look that will give the impression that it has been configured for a long time. Chelsea boots have gained a reputation in preppy outfits, but they can also prove their mastery in the company of women’s outfits. A short dress with a floral print, a boho outfit with casual influences, a slip dress, a turtleneck and a skirt with a split or deux pieces in pastel shades, for a current vibe, can be worn by the company at any time.

Chelsea boots 2022 with tailored pants: business chic style shines through with tailored pants and flat red suede boots: an original way to show off a comfortable corporate style. In the same vein, cigarette pants also go well with this type of shoe.

The day I had to go flat out, it was my whole approach to style that I had to review. I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but the prettiest shoes (all brands included) are often models with heels. Is this an assumed choice on the part of the brands or a real demand on the part of the customers? We are entitled to ask ourselves the question. Flat shoes make you dream less, their lines are always less worked and do not speak of the choice of colors, often limited. Anyway, that’s how I felt, frustration aside (but I would love to be able to put on my heels… sniff). So why do we love Chelsea boots:

– it’s still really comfortable (yes, it’s flat)

– it’s super solid (provided you buy quality)

– it’s stylish, it gives a masculine look that I really like

– it keeps you warm when winter falls on you without warning – slips on in two seconds (thanks to the elastic bands on the sides, genius!)

– it goes with almost everything (huge versatility): jeans, shorts and even dresses

The great thing about the Chelsea boots is that you can see the whole thing when you wear it. This is what will make her stand out the most and what will give you style. It is therefore preferable that your ankle be seen with the outfits you choose. People who read this article also read: How to dress well for the holidays, in style? Whether you are classic, bohemian, chic or more rock, you will be able to play with these boots and your clothes according to your tastes. Remember that a sober model can be worn with strong pieces; and on the contrary, a model with more character will rather be worn with the basics of your wardrobe. As always, the style is also about balance and the right mix between your feet, your figure and your accessories. Chelsea boots have a lot of charm on their own, so they don’t need to be worn with super stylish clothes, basics are enough. You can however choose to break their masculine side (at least for the flat model) with very feminine pieces. If you are a follower of the long, you will have the choice between cigarette pants, 7 / 8th jeans, skinny jeans rolled up or not, leather pants. If you like the short, opt for a short skirt, a sweater dress, a fluid dress. You can also go for the flowery toe models with pretty stitching and wear them with thick exposed socks when the temperatures are low.

Different ways you can wear Chelsea boots:

This season, Chelsea chunky boots have been stars and do not seem to disappear from the trends very soon. For a balanced outfit, combine these ankle boots with a knitted dress in neutral colors and you will get a “wow” outfit. When you have a simple outfit, consisting of jeans and a T-shirt, complete it with a pair of Chelsea ankle boots and you will get an impossible look to ignore. A feminine dress with a print and a pair of Chelsea ankle boots will create a cool contrast. On pleasant winter days you can wear Chelsea ankle boots with an elegant suit, consisting of a skirt and a jacket. If you like casual outfits, a pair of leather shorts is a must-have in your wardrobe. Wear them with a short sweater and a pair of Chelsea boots and you will get a perfect outfit. A casual jumpsuit and a fur jacket will perfectly complement a pair of Chelsea boots. Choose light shades and you will look perfect. The vest is another song of the wave this season. Wear it with a short skirt, an elegant shirt and a pair of black Chelsea boots and you will look extremely cool. Tapered skirts will also look good with Chelsea ankle boots. Combine it with a short cardigan and a shoulder bag and you can’t go wrong. If you like to wear skinny jeans and leggings, then Chelsea ankle boots will complement these pants perfectly. Chelsea ankle boots fit perfectly with relaxed, weekend pieces. Now that you’ve seen how Chelsea boots are worn, all you have to do is choose the right model for your clothing style.