Winter Jackets For Men 2021

Winter jackets will always be essential in every person’s wardrobe, especially if you live in areas of the country where the weather is often cold. A man who respects one must have a jacket that will benefit him while protecting him from rain, wind or snow.

A winter jacket for men is one of the most popular pieces of clothing used during cold days. This is practical, easy to wear and provides good protection against frost. Undoubtedly, when you want to buy a winter jacket for men, you have to take into account a few factors. It has to be warm, to match and match with the other pieces of clothing, style and color. The recommendation is to choose a tuxedo model that will come well on your body and be functional with more pockets to store various objects that you can quickly access.

The winter jacket is the must-have element of winter, when rainfall is abundant, and the frozen wind strikes everywhere. Here’s what you need to consider when buying a winter jacket or coat.

As we rely on its functional role, when we buy a winter jacket, we must pay close attention to the quality of the material and the way it is made. For example, when you are looking for a waterproof jacket, it is recommended that you check that each item that it composes, including stitches, has the same feature.

For those looking for a winter jacket, I’ve been thinking of synthesizing three essential aspects that a winter jacket has to meet. I hope that this will make it easier for you to choose, and you will not let yourself be stolen too easily from the fashion landscape.
The idea is the following: when you buy a cotton T-shirt, it’s ok to have a print or I know what a strange design, because it’s just a T-shirt. But when you buy a more serious jacket, a backpack, a tent, a sleeping bag, it’s good to have the design second, and the functionality and quality to be the criteria on which you choose your choice.

This year, we must recognize that many of the fashion items have been taken up and adapted to the production and design of mountain machinery. For example, in the case of a garment such as a jacket, the camber took the fashion model to protect the lumbar area better. All of the fashion was also taken over by the shoulder blades in the style of the army epaulets, so you have a better backpack support.

Why, though, sometimes when looking for an autumn / winter jacket and thinking that we have found the right one, we realize after a few days that we are still cold, the wind or the moisture in the air? I appreciate from my own experience a few specific features to a jacket, and I want to make sure she has them at least. So I can ski in winter, ski fun, snow on the mountain, all day at work, and when the stones are cold. I synthesized them a bit, and they are the three most important:

1. Be truly waterproof

What does a jacket actually mean to be waterproof? A waterproof jacket of quality must withstand both rain / snow and wind. Attention, however, many believe that if a jacket is waterproof, it is also warm. Unfortunately, this is not true, the feature that indicates this is the thermal insulation load.

2. Protect from cold

A winter jacket I want to get my warmth. Let me know that no matter if I’m 10 degrees out, or -10, I do not have to worry about dressing up on the weekend in the mountains. A modern quality jacket must also have the ability to ventilate extra-moisture, not to allow perspiration to persist on the skin. In other words, the material must be breathable, do not overheat in it.

3. Quality stitches and zippers

When you are doing sports, the jacket is not allowed to make you uncomfortable or restrict your movements. On the contrary, it has to be comfortable, flexible, easy and light. The stitches in the area of ​​the axles must be very strong both inside and outside. Zips, if they are insulated (galvanized), is even better, but first of all they must be durable. In the case of winter sports, sudden movements are frequent, so it is not OK to unravel or to break away.

The winter jacket for men is one of the most popular pieces of clothing used during cold days. This is practical, easy to wear and provides good protection against frost.
Undoubtedly, when you want to buy a winter jacket for men, you have to take into account a few factors. It must be warm, fit and match the other pieces of clothing, in style and color.
The recommendation is to choose a furry model, which will fit your body well and be functional, with even more pockets, in order to be able to store various objects to which you have quick access.
There are a variety of models in stores, so it will be quite difficult to find a suitable one.

How to choose a good winter jacket?

Wondering how to survive the winter? You can hibernate like a bear. But if you do not have so many days off offered by the company, you will have to face this time of year. Positive thinking is a good start, but a wardrobe with warm clothes is still needed. When choosing the right equipment to cope with winter, in the first place must be a durable jacket. We will tell you what details you need to pay attention to when choosing a jacket.

Winter is coming, so it’s time for … long jackets

Temperatures drop below ten degrees, rain and snow become daily phenomena, and the wind makes us feel even colder than it really is. The best remedy for cold and bad weather is a good jacket to protect us from external factors. A long jacket that warms our back and hips is a perfect choice!

How to keep warm?

This question is an essential one in the cold period of the year. Especially if we are fond of longer walks and hikes or if we prefer walking to work. In this case we must be careful to protect as much as possible of the surface of our body from the cold. If you have kidney problems or just catch a cold very quickly, the jacket below the hip line is what you need!

And warmer

What do we wear under the jacket? Thick sweaters, oversizes, sweatshirts or blouses. Thanks to the longer jackets, we can be sure that no clothes will unsightly come out from under the jacket. This cut offers comfort, as well as the possibility to create many interesting outfits with sweaters and blouses of different lengths. If you feel like wearing a cardigan, it will match perfectly with the long jacket!

The length is in trend

Long jackets fit perfectly with current fashion trends! Designers, bloggers and fashionistas around the world are increasingly trying to create a fashion that is primarily practical. This winter, long jackets that reach to the knees or even the ankles become a hit of the season! How do they behave? Both with classic straight jeans and with skirts of different lengths. Full freedom of creation!


Parka jackets are some of the most durable jackets for the fall-winter season. Not surprisingly, they come from the wardrobe of polar explorers and the Inuit, the native inhabitants of the Arctic regions. Their purpose is to keep warm and protect from rain. So their biggest advantage is functionality. This model, parka, has become very trendy lately, respectively more and more versions of colors and materials continue to appear. How to wear a parka jacket? And how to choose a jacket to enjoy its appearance and functionality several seasons in a row?

For all seasons

When we think of the “parka”, we have in front of our eyes a thick coat, lined and with fur on the hood. Indeed, the parka jacket is one of the most popular winter jackets. However, this model is also used to create spring-autumn jackets. These parka jackets are less warm, but retain their characteristic shape and cut. This jacket is the excellent option if you value comfort at any time of the year. It can be used as a light coat worn over a T-shirt, but also to keep you warm in winter.

Why choose hooded jackets? – Because they are practical, durable and protect us from rain and snow … and besides all that, they are also very stylish. The hood not only provides protection against adverse weather conditions, but at the same time gives the jackets an interesting and distinguished look. What hoodie to choose this season? It is good both in rain or snow (on the blog I have already written how to choose the right shoes and jacket for winter), and on cold days, when temperatures are very low and the wind prevents us from hearing our own thoughts. The hood always provides us with the necessary protection in case we forget to put on our hats. Choose a hooded jacket and enjoy the warmth, water resistance and an interesting look!

Color is the key – It’s not about the hood itself, it’s about its hem! In the case of winter and autumn jackets, the hood is usually edged with fur. Due to this fact, we get a more elegant look, and the jacket itself looks much more interesting with a fluffy fur in shades of brown or reddish, added to a blue, gray or olive base. However, this season, the color brown is no longer popular! A real hit are the colorful edges. Whether you opt for a practical and very durable parka jacket or a warm jacket with an extremely trendy down this winter, the neon shades of the hood will give your jackets a unique character and will invigorate your style! Such a colorful accent will make you stand out and will highlight your autumn-winter outfits.

Taking into account all these arguments, we can appreciate that, from a certain temperature down, the man who is warm in a down jacket looks much better dressed than the one who trembles from the cold in some very elegant clothes.

When we talk about quality men’s winter jackets we think especially of those jackets made of outer materials such as polyester (sometimes even fabric) with duck or goose down filling.

As I mentioned, the first advantage of these jackets is that they are very warm. The outer material ensures impermeability and wind resistance and the filling is mainly responsible for the extraordinary thermal comfort. Regarding the outer material, when we buy a down jacket, we must pay attention to two aspects: on the one hand not to allow the down to come out and, on the other hand, not to allow water to enter the inside and wet the down. .

Down filling has been known since ancient times as one of the best insulators. Thanks to its structure, the fluff stores the warm air that our body removes in very small rooms and thus forms a thermal barrier that protects us from the cold outside (acting on the same principle as the thermos).

The second aspect much appreciated by men who wear down jackets is that they are extremely light. These jackets have the best ratio between weight and heat storage power. Unlike coats, which manage to retain heat only when they are made of thick and heavy fabrics, down jackets protect us thermally without adding weight to the outfit. For this reason down jackets are highly recommended for those who like to go out in nature and want to do so in the cold season.

They will also appreciate the advantage of very large compression of down jackets, because if necessary, they will occupy a very small space in the luggage we take with us on a hike.

In terms of style, down jackets are considered to be very good layering elements. For those who do not spend enough time at the gym, down jackets offer the advantage of hiding any extra pounds. Obviously, for athletic men, this is a disadvantage because a down-filled jacket will not highlight a sculpted body.