Winter Coats For Women


A winter coat is part of your wardrobe, remember that it is an important one. If you ask yourself why, well… the answer is simple, because it’s define your look.

Criteria To Consider

Here are a few criteria for choosing a great winter coat:

The price
The climate

Indeed, it is, without question, a really hard challenge to choose the best winter coat. We state that because in our days the market offers a large range of possible options. this is, for sure a great thing, but at the same time it gives you hard times when it comes to choosing the best one. Well, a very nice strategy is to choose a versatile winter coat. This is great because it gives you a lot of freedom. Indeed, it will offer you a lot of choices in the morning when you must decide which look you will embrace in that day. A versatile winter coat will be great because allows you to choose from any kind of pieces you want to wear it. No matter where you are going to spend the day. Even if we are talking about a day spent it on the campus on courses, or at shopping, or maybe you just go for a walk or you go at the office.
A versatile winter coat is amazing also because it gives you possibilities to imagine various combinations, and also to wear it in any place. Such a coat gives you a lot of possibilities for your daily look, and, let’s admit it, this is very important. A versatile winter coat it is, undoubtedly a very useful piece, no matter your social status, your fashion tastes or your age.

We may say that a winter coat is also a very nice investment. Well, indeed, a truly wonderful piece of investment because you will have it for many years from the moment you will buy it. So, you must take this into consideration. A good idea is to choose a classic line, a versatile coat is a fantastic choice. Anyway, your wardrobe must contain a very nice versatile winter coat.

Tips for you when choosing a winter jacket:

– First of all it is very important to think about what purpose you buy it. Besides the fact that you have to keep warm, think about what activities you want to practice when you wear it. If you want to go for a run, go shopping or go on a mountain vacation, then buy a winter jacket from the front: short, long or midi. If you want to use it for daytime activities, pick a parka jacket and pair it in an interesting outfit. If you have a date, then choose a faux fur jacket with feminine details, such as a detachable strap.

– Try the jacket and be careful if the model fits you. If you are a minion, beware of long or very wide necks that make you look like you are getting lost in them. If you are fat, choose a larger jacket and avoid the molded ankles, which will emphasize your forms too much. If you are tall, you can easily wear long and midi jackets. If you do not have shapes, wear a jacket with a removable strap, which creates the impression of the hourglass body.

Check the zipper several times to make sure it is not broken and takes into account the quality of the material.

– Don’t buy a jacket unless you feel good about it. It should be comfortable, lightweight and give you freedom of movement.


The outer fabric of the coat

For the coat to withstand the weather, models of more resistant and specially designed materials such as Gore-Tex, eVent or H2NO are recommended. There are also jackets very good for heat conservation, but they may not be the same in the case of rain.


Inside fabric of the coat

The use of non-insulated coats at very low temperatures is not comfortable at all. The cold will penetrate quickly inside, which is why this is the first and most important aspect to consider. The lining can be of synthetic material, of natural or artificial fur and even of cotton, but it is very important that after washing the jacket will retain its shape. Certain woolen jackets inside are deformed from the first washings.


Here are a few ideas of winter coats for women 2020:

Emma Women’s Junior Fit Quilted Puffer Jacket with Detachable Faux Fur Hood

winter coats 2020
buy3._V192207739_Strong points :

  • very good value for the money
  • versatile
  • good materials

Weak points:

  • pockets not too big
  • if winter is tough you need another coats more suitable
GRACE KARIN Womens Hooded Warm Winter Thicken Fleece Lined Parkas Long Coats

best winter coat 2020
buy3._V192207739_Strong points :

  • fixed hood with faux fur trim
  • very warm
  • 2 Utility front side pockets to keep your small things safe or protect your hands against the windy and cold day– very useful

Weak points:

  • this coat is made for a woman with a shorter torso, so take care at that issue
  • the material on the coat is a little crunchy
Beinia Valuker Women’s Down Coat with Fur Hood with 90% Down Parka Puffer Jacket

best womens winter coat 2020

Strong points:

  • three Pockets: Two deep outer side pockets (plush interior) with metal button, and one interior security pockets – that is more than useful
  • windproof, and water-repellent
  • looks very good

Weak points:

  • the material is pretty thin
  • the zipper is made from plastic
Aro Lora Women’s Winter Warm Faux Lamb Wool Coat Parka Cotton Outwear Jacket

ladies winter coats 2020
buy3._V192207739_Strong points:

  • folding collar – very nice for cold weather
  • looks very nice
  • it is so soft on the inside
  • very cozy

Weak points:

  • would not comfortably accommodate wearing a sweatshirt or fleece
Legendary Whitetails Women’s Polar Trail Pro Series Winter Jacket

womens best winter coat 2020
buy3._V192207739_Strong points:

  • very nice look
  • excellent on hard winters
  • versatile
  • good value for the money

Weak points:

  • not always in stock
  • does not have a 2-way zipper.
Women’s Hooded Packable Puffer Down Jacket Winter Parka Coat Black

winter jacket 2020

Strong points:

  • very good value for the money
  • super warm

Weak points:

  • poorly sewn (hence…the price…)
Wantdo Women’s Waterproof Ski Jacket Mountain Snow Coats Hooded Windproof Parka
Winter Coats For Women 2020

Strong points:

  • adjustable cuffs
  • very warm
  • water repellent coated
  • fuzzy lining

Weak points:

  • not so versatile

The North Face Women’s Gotham Jacket II
winter coats for ladies 2020

Strong points:

  • very good insulation
  • excellent cut
  • perfect material

Weak points:

  • a little pricey

Diamond Candy Women Windproof Hooded Waterproof Rain Jacket Lightweight for Hiking

Strong points:

  • nice cut
  • soft and lightweight
  • windproof
  • cheap

Weak points:

  • a little too roomy
  • color not so verstile

Beyove Womens Hooded Warm Winter Coats with Faux Fur Lined Outerwear Jacket

Strong points:

  • good looking
  • nice combination of cotton and faux fur
  • adjustable drawstring waist

Weak points:

  • not very soft material

5 Style Mistakes That You Must Avoid In The Cold Season:

From a fashionista point of view, winter is a risky season. Often you can spend an entire hour choosing a perfect outfit, so that you can finally cover it with a jacket or coat. Or you can fall into the trap of negligent outfits, relying on exactly the same thing: covering them with a thick coat. Cold weather results in wearing more layers and unfortunately for many women, and by giving up the style in favor of thermal comfort. There are a number of trends that are perfect for winter, and others look good only on the podium, without being suitable for street fashion. Some of these winter trends are ideal for certain silhouettes, and others should be avoided, as it may not benefit you, so from the full range of winter trends, you must carefully select the ones that put your silhouette and features worth.


Some colors, are more suitable than others in the cold season. Contrary to popular white beliefs and shades of gray should be avoided, because if you are accustomed to wearing a very discreet makeup, they tend to “discolor” your features and give you a tired air, which certainly you want to avoid this effect can be canceled by a more cheerful make-up or by a combination of strong shades next to the very light ones. Try to avoid all black outfits too. Try to always have a blotch of accessories.

2. The look is bulky

During the cold season it is understandable that the main attribute of the outfits is to keep you warm. But many people don’t know how to combine clothes so that in the end they don’t get a cumbersome image that adds extra pounds. Thermal comfort does not mean layers over layers of thick clothes. Instead, choose several layers of normal, not very thick materials and you will see that they will keep you warm. Combine t-shirts with sweaters or dresses with normal cardigans and always be careful to match a piece of thick material with a thin one. In addition, combinations of several thick materials will become unbearable if temperatures fluctuate a lot in your path. For example, if you change more than one means of transportation to work, you have a better chance of cooling down, if you wear an outfit that is too bulky than if you choose a balanced outfit.

3. Accessories too massive

A very clear example is the fluffy fur cap. Despite the fact that on a more superficial analysis you tend to believe that an accessory cannot cause too many changes in terms of physical appearance, accessories are of major importance. The fur cap looks good on the thin silhouettes, but it does not in any way benefit women with several extra kilos. Fluffy boots are another possible style mistake in the winter.

4. Lack of color harmony

When you concentrate on making stratified outfits, which will give you protection against low temperatures, there is a risk of omitting the color matching aspect. The color-blocking trend is indeed in vogue since the past seasons, but this translates into a studied combination of strong shades and not a negligible combination of colors. Even if you think that no one will see the worn shirt underneath the cardigan, remember that any time you can change your plans and get to a place where it is necessary to give up your winter jacket, and the clothes underneath it will become visible. Avoid such situations by planning your outfits from the first layer to the winter coat. If you find it too difficult, invest in a series of T-shirts in neutral shades of white, black and gray, which you can wear underneath.

5. Neglect of style

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t look great. Women are often tempted by cute summer dresses, but they lose interest in fashion when it comes to thicker clothes, for the cold season. There are a lot of nice aspects of the winter wardrobe. Invest in beautiful accessories that keep you warm at the same time, such as fur scarves. Knitted clothes are always in vogue during the winter, and in recent years there are plenty of shops where you can buy extremely chic crocheted items. Colored tights or socks over the knee add style to your outfits and challenge your imagination, so all you have to do is start playing with your winter clothes until you get enviable outfits.