White Summer Outfits 2021

Regardless of trends, white remains a classic of the summer wardrobe. White pieces are ideal for both street, office and beach wear.

About white it is said that it helps us to keep our body protected from the sun’s rays, because it rejects the entire light spectrum. Besides the utility, it is very easy to combine, being a neutral color, white works associated in a lot of variants.

An all-white outfit can be harder to wear and control, but you can feel more confident in one piece in white. A t-shirt, shirt, pair of pants, skirt or dress are pieces that you can easily and naturally integrate.

You can go for the idea of ​​contrast white – black, navy white – blue, but also on softer color variants or on white with small color insertions. Don’t forget to accessorize! Oversized earrings, bracelets, necklaces should not be missing from your outfit!

The easiest thing is to use white tops, or white tops with small color inserts (an embroidery or colored lining), whether they are blouses, T-shirts or mahogany type, you will always find what to match.

White Summer Overalls

Lightweight summer overalls are the elegant solution for a stylish outfit, but in which you feel so comfortable and lightweight, you forget that you are dressed!

best white overalls 2021
2021 overalls

White Flared Trousers

Slim and loose flared pants are an ideal choice in summer. Long, three quarters or short, in whatever you look and feel relaxed.

white flared trousers 2021
white trousers 2021

Short Summer White Dresses

Make your feet visible in your favorite colors! In addition to the classic pure white, which instantly cools you, choose bright colors, perfect for the skin just tanned during the sea vacation. If you want to bring happiness and teach the day of the people around you then you can opt for an orange or a yellow dress. Both colors look gorgeous with a golden tan!

2021 white dress

White And Long Summer Dresses

Maxi dresses and skirts are generally suited to the boho – casual style. They are steamy and they are great with hats, envelopes or xxl bags. When it comes to accessories, choose a waist belt, gladiator or tassel sandals, and a thin, crocheted cardigan that will protect you when entering air-conditioned areas.

2021 white long dress