Wedding Suits For Men

For one of the most memorable events in your life, opt for timeless elegance and good taste. It is essential to remember. Although the wedding day is overshadowed by the bride’s dress, you are probably one of the future bride and groom just as concerned about their outfit, and you want a wedding suit that will differentiate you from the crowd of guests, and also not to be forgotten in the wardrobe , but can be worn on other occasions.
As beautiful and fun as the day of the party is, so stressful can be the preparations before the event. If you are in the position of future groom, we have created for you a complete guide with all the information to help you create an impeccable outfit to wear on your wedding day.
For a weeding suits for men you will find out everything you might be interested in: from what materials and trends you can choose for your jacket and pants, to how to accessorize your outfit.

We can only imagine what kind of emotions you will have on your wedding day, when you have to make sure that everything is ready for church, if your knights of honor are fitted after the bachelor party, if the restaurant everything is set up and ready for the arrival of invitations. You have too much on your head to stay with the stress of the outfit, if you look at that wedding suit, if you matched your future wife or godfather and so on.

That’s why we are here, to help you with tips and maybe even to dress you in the coolest wedding suit. Of course, we prefer both options, but you decide that. In this article you will find some useful tips and some proposals for the groom’s outfit, which you can find for rent in our country, at advantageous prices.

Wedding Suits For Men
Wedding Suits For Men
Wedding Suits For Men
Wedding Suits For Men
Wedding Suits For Men
Wedding Suits For Men
Wedding Suits For Men
Wedding Suits For Men

Use this little clothing guide when choosing your groom’s suit. Here are some tips in this regard:

Depending on the theme of the event. From the classic tuxedo suitable for black-tie events to slim fit suits in light colors, it follows fashion trends and wears a gray suit or a suit consisting of two different pieces at the wedding. The most versatile choices are black, carbon or navy suits. They can be matched with accessories that give a sophisticated look to the outfit, whether you prefer a bow tie or a tie with a print.

Choose the suit according to the trends. This year, the colorful jacket and the classic pants are worn, and the green color is also in trend. Therefore, you can match the green, blue or maroon jacket with the classic black pants for a refined and modern look.

Choose the suit according to the bride’s dress. Because the groom’s outfit must function as a unitary whole and complement each other, try to choose a black-tie suit with or without a vest. Give a festive note to your outfit and match it with a velvet or silk bow tie, depending on the season. If the bride’s dress is very pretentious, and the event takes place in a ballroom, consider the tailcoat.

According to the style of the wedding. Nowadays, many couples are opting for casual weddings, where no classic rules are imposed. In this case, the groom’s outfit will be chosen according to the style of the event. For example, for the wedding in retro style, the three-piece suit (jacket, pants, vest) and ties or bow tie accessories with a cheerful print (polka dots, plaids, paisley print) are required.

For boho-chic weddings, light fabric suits in light colors are ideal. A light gray or beige suit matched with a floral shirt, a floral bow tie or a cocktail that resembles the miniature bride’s bouquet is a more than inspired choice.

After the season. In the case of summer weddings, a suit made of light, light-colored materials are the best choice. The light gray, beige or blue suit is among the most inspired wedding outfits. If the wedding is more casual and takes place outdoors, a green jacket with purple pants is a very good option.

By budget. The groom can select his wedding outfit according to all the above criteria, to which is added the amount of money reserved for the suit.

Pay special attention to the size of the wedding suit and do not accept any compromise solution. Whatever the brand or the price of the clothing purchased, if it does not fit you perfectly, your appearance will be ridiculous rather than elegant.
A groom’s suit with two rows of buttons will suit the tall and thin man. Low-waisted pants are recommended, and high-waisted pants will lengthen your figure even more. The most suitable lapel for your wedding suit is the shawl, medium in width. You are lucky, you can opt for a colorful wedding jacket or with a rich print. Opt for a dense material and light colors to create the feeling of volume. A groom’s suit with two rows of buttons will suit the tall and thin man. Low-waisted pants are recommended, and high-waisted pants will lengthen your figure even more. The most suitable lapel for your wedding suit is the shawl, medium in width. You are lucky, you can opt for a colorful wedding jacket or with a rich print.
However, not everyone is able to purchase such outfits due to the high cost constraints. Wearing a custom suit made by a reputable tailor is a good idea, but sometimes people do not have enough time and patience to go through this rather meticulous process. Here are some tips that will definitely help you choose and buy the right costumes for your wedding and. You do not have to take the most expensive brands or opt for expensive custom clothing.
Don’t fall into the trap of buying a suit that is too big for you, because no man would want to look too bulky on his wedding day. At the same time, any groom would look strange if he wore a suit that is too tight on his physique. A slightly tighter coat on a fit body may be acceptable, but if it is extremely tight it would only make you look hilarious and in addition it would be very uncomfortable when you move.
You can avoid this embarrassing and funny situation, experts say that the groom’s suit should also be tested at least a week before the wedding day. This will ensure that the clothes fit perfectly and by doing so, you will have enough time to find a replacement or make the necessary changes if the wedding suits do not fit properly and do not have a modern design.

The groom’s suit – the bold color of the jacket

If we are talking about a bold groom or a more unconventional wedding, the first step by which it can go out of style is a unique color of the jacket, and the trends in costumes for next year’s weddings come with a series of gorgeous shades.
The cherry in shades as dark as possible could be one of the options for the color of the groom’s jacket and is suitable for a wedding party with a very elegant theme or a wedding scheduled in the cold season. At the same time, emerald green is one of the options of fashion houses for the year, and the color navy blue is also not absent from the fashion shows for the coming season, for the groom’s suit.
Black remains one of the safest options and can be easily chosen by those who want to make sure they can’t go wrong with the shade of the suit, and if the bride has a very elegant dress or accessorized with bright materials, black remains the most correct variant for the groom. Keep in mind that black does not necessarily mean boring, but first of all reflects elegance.

Accessories make the difference

It is very important to inject a dose of personality into the groom’s suit. And this is possible with the help of accessories. For example, the buttons give you a sophisticated look, a tie or a bow tie with a print will give color to a black or navy suit, and a handkerchief is essential for a complete groom’s look.
If you want a remarkable appearance by wearing a jacket with a rich print, choose monochrome accessories. With black or navy suits you can match colorful accessories with captivating details.

When it comes to shoes, always choose dress shoes with laces and leather soles. For dark suits, except navy blue, choose black Oxford shoes or derby. For navy blue ones, the right models are in shades of medium to very dark brown. If you are brave enough to break the traditional rules and bring a little creativity in the groom’s outfit, you can also choose shoes in shades of burgundy or dark green.

The vest, an essential element for the groom’s suit

The vest is a recommended item for groom’s suits with the jacket fastened in a single button, but for jackets with two rows of buttons, either they are not worn at all, or they are worn only when the jacket is taken off. The vest plays a very important role when we decide to take off the suit jacket and prepare for the dance floor. The shirt will fit much better under a vest and will make us a much smaller waist, while offering the elegance that any groom needs on the dance floor.

Trouser straps, the most elegant solution for fuller men

Beret pants are not old-fashioned, on the contrary, they are highly recommended when you want to mask a part of a man’s abdomen, in fatter men being the most elegant solution to ensure that they sit correctly on them. Regardless of the movements they make. At the same time, the beret pants make us look thinner and are very elegant. Also, in fuller men, the pants tend to fall off after a dance or when certain movements are made, but the straps only allow this. More recently, the straps have started to be worn even on shirts, being attached to the bottom of them (the area that enters the pants) and thighs. Their purpose is to keep the shirt stretched and does not allow it to come out of the pants. In addition, because of this, the shirt tends to make many ugly wrinkles in the abdomen and back, the straps easily solving this problem.

In conclusion:

Most of the time, the groom “goes safe” choosing a two-piece suit (pants and jacket) in closed weddings or most likely black, being an easy choice that does not give men too much trouble. This allows the groom’s suit to be worn again for other formal occasions after the wedding. Don’t think it has to be this way.