Tankini Swimsuits

Tankini swimsuits are among the best beach options available to women who really want to hide their small imperfections. This type of swimsuit manages to skillfully combine the advantages of a two-piece suit with those on which it offers a one-piece suit, becoming a versatile, practical and comfortable alternative for beach days that will be in full swing this summer.

With its high tank top, the tankini is the perfect swimsuit to hide our little complexes while staying sexy thanks to its bikini panties. But to choose the model that will be the star of our summer, we still need to know which one best suits our morphology, style and budget.

Everything You Need To Know About Tankinis

As summer has now officially arrived, now is the time for you to start thinking about beach wear. That’s right, summer is a great time to take off those warmer clothes, to get to the beach, or the nearest water source, to absorb the sun’s rays, to soak in the sun. water – and forget about all your worries and troubles in general. However, and yes there is always one however, for some women swimwear season can cause a lot of headaches. You see, not only do we want to feel sexy in our swimsuits, we also want to look sexy – while feeling comfortable and supported at the same time. Unfortunately, many of us are ashamed of our amazing bodies and are not comfortable showing too much skin. While there are some women who wear bikinis as if they are going to be old-fashioned, others prefer to cover up and hide. However, what if you want something sexy, but not overly revealing? Well, in that case you can buy a ladies tankini. Tankinis are relatively new to the market, but they’re already taking the swimwear world by storm. Finding your perfect tankini, however, is not as easy as one might have hoped. In order to make things easier, here is what you need to know about tankinis.
What is a tankini? – A tankini is essentially a sexy and stylish sort of hybrid of a bikini and a tank top. Essentially, the tankini is a sexy, underwired tank top, which comes in an array of different colors, styles, as well as designs and is designed to show off your cleavage, support your breasts, and help cover parts of yourself. that you may not be comfortable showing, like your stomach. What you wear as panties is entirely up to you, while a tankini is classified as a two-piece. As you probably know, two pieces are actually a lot more practical than single pieces, especially when it comes to pee breaks and bathroom changes. So you can wear a tankini with pretty much any panty you like, although bikini bottoms or shorts are considered the norm. Tankinis can be made from a variety of different materials as well in all sizes. The tankinis available at Vogeni.com for example, are made to the highest specifications, there is plenty to choose from, they are affordable, they fit your body perfectly, and they are built to last! If you’re not comfortable with a bikini top, but still want something a little sexier and more practical than a one-piece swimsuit, a tankini is ideal.
Why wear a tankini? – Now that we’ve looked at what tankinis are, let’s see some reasons to consider wearing a tankini instead of a regular swimsuit. Some key reasons include:
Camouflage Your Imperfections – Okay, first of all, there is no such thing as imperfection, because we know very well how beautiful each of you is. However, we also know that many of you unfortunately won’t see it that way. If you’re embarrassed about your tummy and don’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini top the next time you hit the beach, then a tankini is perfect. A tankini is slim, sexy, and stylish, all at the same time. Plus, due to its unique design, it will help you hide parts of your anatomy that you might not be quite comfortable with. So you can still look elegant and attractive, in addition to feeling more confident and relaxed.

Why The Tankini Is The Ultimate Summer Accessory

So after months of cold, wet, gray and miserable weather, the temperatures have finally spiked and now is the time for you to count down the days until your summer beach vacation. Being by the water in the scorching sun seems to make all of life’s problems go away. As you know, when it comes time for your summer vacation in the sun, or even a day at the seaside, choosing the right swimwear is essential. You want to feel like a strong, feminine, sexy and empowered woman! And that’s exactly how you’ll feel if you pick the right jersey. It’s no secret that many of us feel awkward about our bodies, but settling for black, lousy, uninspired swimsuits will never be the answer. We all deserve to look and feel our best, which is why the tankini was created. Tankinis may be relatively new, but they’ve already revolutionized the world of swimwear forever. If you’re looking for the ultimate summer swim accessory, here’s a look at why tankinis are so fabulous.
First and foremost, we’ll start today’s article by telling you what tankinis are. If you are not familiar with tankinis, then you have definitely missed something! But don’t worry, this is all about to take a positive turn. In fact, a tankini is an ultra-sexy hybrid of a tank top and a bikini. It is designed specifically for women who want to show off their curves and femininity, without exposing their midsection when in or near water. This is a two-part swimsuit that includes a standard bikini bottom and a top part in the form of a tank top. It offers the safety, comfort and beauty, in some cases, of one piece, with the style, convenience and sex appeal of a two-piece. With a tankini, you can literally enjoy the best of both worlds at the beach, by the pool, or even just sunbathe in the garden. Not only are they perfect for women who don’t want to show off their midsection, but they’re actually so stylish and beautifully made that they can still be worn by those who would like to expose their tummy in stride.
Now that you have a better idea of ​​what a tankini is, we have a quick walk through some of the different styles of tankinis available on the market. If you buy from a reputable company like Vogeni, you will find that there are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the ultimate tankini to keep you entertained on the beach this summer. Tankini tops can be fitted tight, they can be gathered, they can be scooped, they can have a plunging neckline, they can have a high neckline, they can enhance the bust, provide more support, and they can be strapless or with removable straps for those who care about tan lines. As for the bottoms, the great thing about tankinis is that you can match them if you want. There are high waisted tankini bottoms and, with your tankini, you can wear thongs or slip on swim shorts, or opt for a slender cut bottom. In short, the choices are limitless. As for the patterns, the choice is vast and varied. You can choose bright colors, neutral colors, floral patterns, stripes, polka dots, geometric patterns, multi-colored tankinis and much more.

Summer is approaching and the beach holidays too! When it comes time to choose a new swimsuit, why not opt ​​for an original shape, the tankini? This is a very practical swimsuit, consisting of panties and a tank top. This type of jersey combines the advantages of a 1-piece jersey and those of a 2-piece jersey.
Seen from afar, the tankini looks like a 1-piece jersey. In fact, its high tank top makes it easy to fold (for tanning, for example), and the swimsuit is easily removed, especially to change quickly after the beach. It is also more comfortable and comfortable to wear than a 1-piece jersey. His major asset? It hides the belly, and is thus ideal for hiding roundness or scars. It is thus particularly suitable for round women looking for oversized swimsuit models, or for pregnant women. Another advantage is that the tank top can also be worn in the city: after the beach, all you have to do is put on shorts or a skirt to be dressed.

Highlight your legs – If your feet are your trump card, highlight them on the beach with a classic tankini whose briefs are short, so as not to mask anything you want to expose to the sun. If you want a slightly retro look, you can go for a brief with a higher waist.
Bust – If your advantage is in the upper body, respectively the bust, it is a shame not to take advantage, highlighting it with a generous neckline. Do not be afraid to wear a wider neckline because, especially if you want to enjoy a tan as uniform as possible.
Hips – The hips are an area that you either highlight or mask discreetly. Tankini swimsuits have options for both variants. You can opt for a tankini with a skirt at the bottom and a short top if you want to highlight your hips. Otherwise, you can choose a longer top. Such a combination will give you an interesting casual look at the beach, whether you are in the sea or by the pool.
As for the patterns, this summer, as in past summer seasons, floral prints are a strong trend. Exotic prints are added to the flowers.

How To Choose A Tankini

I hope you are now a bit more informed about the different styles and designs of tankinis currently available. If this is the case, now is the time to choose a tankini that will please you, and that will make you delight at the same time. To help you make the right choice the first time, here are some helpful tips for choosing.
Choose the correct size – First of all, when looking for a tankini, it is essential that you choose the correct size, which involves going through the fitting room as painful as it may be. You will find that you will need a size above your usual size, because different clothes are designed differently.For example, just because you usually wear a size 16 doesn’t mean that a size 16 tankini will suit you, and you may need to upgrade to an 18. In short, try the tankini and make sure sure it fits you perfectly. If it is not and it is too tight, or too loose, it will not suit you, will not look pretty, and you will not feel comfortable wearing it.
Be bold – As mentioned earlier, we all know that black is very flattering because it goes with everything and it thins. But when buying a tankini, I encourage you to choose something different and a little bolder. Look for a tankini with prints instead of a black one, or one with a color you like, but not necessarily worn in an ordinary way. The advantage of choosing patterns is that they can also help you look slimmer. If you are bothered by your weight then a printed design would do just as well as a black tankini, while being different.
Don’t forget support – comfort and style are of course very important, but support is also important. When you are wearing a tankini, you are looking to feel sufficient support and you want to be sure that not only is everything firmly held in place, but also that everything is well supported and comfortable. For this reason, choose a tankini with cups that support your chest. If you are looking for a tankini for sports purposes, to stay in shape by swimming for example, you will need one that is firmer at the top so that your breasts are supported and held in place, just as with support- sports throat.
Don’t go for the cheapest options available – We know that money is much more difficult to earn than to spend, and that many of us have budgets to stick to. However, when it comes to buying a tankini, you will be looking for one that is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also durable so that it lasts a long time. If you go for cheap tankinis, the reason they are cheap is that they are poorly designed and made from poor quality materials. This means that they will not last long and will soon have to be replaced. Before you know it, you’ll probably end up spending even more money replacing it in no time, than you would have done by choosing a quality product from the start. You don’t need a branded and expensive tankini, but at the same time, don’t look for the cheapest that you can find.

Best Tankini Reviews:

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Clean lines & classic details for an effortless resort to beach look. Wherever your vacation takes you, from tropical beach to pool side resort, this stunning Seafolly piece creates a head to toe effortlessly chic look. All in one a perfect tankini.

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Luxury tankini for modern and special women. Sheer tankini High waisted Bottom Features: scoop front, full rear coverage, high waisted coverage and crotch lining only.

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The material was quality and you will love the shape. The cups were padded enough and supportive which is very hard to find.

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This tankini swimsuit is spectacular. You will love it for sure.

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High Neck Swimsuit Side-Tie Bathing Suit Tummy Control Tankini Swimwear for Women

Beautiful designed tankini set. Adjustable straps and padded push up bra offer you utmost comfort and support. High neck shirring with adjustable drawstring creates a fresh flyaway front for elegant finishing touch.

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The colors are vibrant and the design is stunning.

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Perfect tankini, with nice qualities : stretchy, durable, soft fabric and comfortable. Also this tankini is also very good value for the money.

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tankini set

Shelf bra with soft cups and underwire, boning, adjustable convertible straps Clean lines & classic details for an effortless resort to beach look.

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tankini swimsuits

Colors are vibrant, material is typical, cut is very comfortable. A really versatile tankini.

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Bottoms are perfect fit. Tops fits great is a little loose but flows great.

Aleumdr Womens Blouson Striped Printed Strappy T-Back Push up Tankini Top with Shorts


This is adorable, nice thick material. Seems well made.

Different Styles and Designs – As mentioned, if you shop from a trusted manufacturer and supplier, including Vogeni in this case, a tankini won’t just have its head to the job, but it will also be built to last. Now, the important thing to remember about a tankini is the fact that there are literally as many styles as there are different designs to go through. They also come in different lengths, so if you’re tall you have longer lengths to cover your midsection and vice versa if you’re petite. More so, tankinis are also available in more colors, patterns and materials than you could ever imagine. There are plain tankinis in one color, there are two-tone tankinis, tankinis with geometric patterns, tankinis with bands, tankinis with spots, tankinis with unique patterns and designs, and much more. again. Basically, when it comes to tankinis, finding your perfect design is easier than ever.
A Tankini Can Be Paired With Anything – Another wonderful benefit associated with tankinis is the fact that they can be paired with just about anything you can imagine. Basically, this is nothing more than a sexy and stylish tank top that just happens to be made from materials that work great in water. So if you want to wear a thong with your tankini, then put it on and wear your thong with pride, sweetheart. If you want regular bikini bottoms, this is great. You can even wear a tankini with shorts, so if you’re outdoors and shopping at the beach, rather than strolling through stores in your bikini bottoms, putting on shorts will save you the trouble of walking around the stores in your bikini bottoms. feel uncomfortable and you won’t have to worry about being underdressed either. Hey, if it’s cold out, you can even put on your joggers and wear your tankini. Ultimately, be it skirts, jeans, shorts, bikini bottoms, thongs, briefs, anything you can imagine, you can wear it with a tankini.
Convenient and Encouraging – As great as it may be to wear a flimsy bikini while swimming in the water, some bikinis can get heavy and unfavorable when watered, which can make them uncomfortable to wear and can also expose you or free your breasts. The last thing you want to do when swimming in the water is find that your bikini has come undone, leaving you showing off in front of the entire beach or resort area and giving everyone a view that you would have preferred to keep for yourself. With a tankini this is much, much, much less likely to happen. Tankinis are underwired, so they provide breast support. They’re also made from specialized materials that wick water instead of absorbing it. It means you’re comfortable, it means swimming is easier, and it also means you have more support and a better cleavage all at the same time. So, as you can see, there are a lot of reasons to love tankinis.
How to find your perfect tankini? – Now that we know why tankinis are so awesome, we need to take a look at what you can do to find the perfect one. Some buying tips are as follows:
Pick Your Favorite Styles – First of all, forget what a fashion magazine or online article tells you you should wear, when it comes to finding a tankini the only person that matters is you . If you like red for example, who cares if a fashionista tells you red is “so last year.” The point is, you like the color red, it suits you, and it makes you happy. When choosing a tankini, base your research on your personal tastes and preferences, rather than what the company is trying to tell you. If you like orange, go for orange, if you like patterns, go for patterns. At the end of the day, you’re the one wearing the tankini, so as long as you feel good wearing it, that’s all that matters.
Don’t be afraid to try new things – As we just said, it’s important that you respect your personal tastes and preferences when choosing a tankini, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try something out. again. If, for example, you are normally quite conservative and only wear black, then don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and go for a very bold, shiny and vibrant color instead. Remember, all you do is try before you buy. If you try it and you don’t like it