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With the 2021 bathing suit trends, the designers wanted to look less skin and we have the proof of one-piece costumes … and yet many of them are pretty naughty, whether we’re talking about sneakers or snorkeling . If you are a more conservative person, you have the choice to cover up as much as you need.
Do you want to look sensational at the beach? The first step is to choose a bathing suit that fits your body shape. Do not you know how to choose the ideal one? We tell you:

Swimsuits for a generous bust. If you need a little help at the beach, then choose a bikini that contains cups and has a proper structure. Once you’ve chosen your model, test your suit and make sure the top covers your bust completely and provides you with the necessary support. The straps and the material have to be durable to give you maximum comfort.

Swimsuits for a small bust. If you want to look like you have a bigger bust, all you have to do is create this illusion by choosing an appropriate suit. You can wear bikinis that have a top-of-the-line bikini that has attention-grabbing or cut-out patterns to make your bust stand out. If this option does not suck you, you can always call a push-up bra, but you have to be aware that it could become inconvenient if you get into the water.

Shirts shoulder straps. Do not you like your shoulders? You can look sensational if you choose a swimsuit that binds to the base of your neck. The optic illusion will make your bust look bigger and bigger, and your shoulders will look smaller without effort. You will look sensational in a swimsuit that will shape your shapes.

Swimsuits 2021 for a more prominent tummy. Have you tried weeks to get rid of the fat portion of your abdomen, but have not you? No problem. You just have to buy an entire bathing suit that is built to flatten your area. One solution is to choose an entire bikini that has crepe material in the front area and will hide any imperfections. You can also try bathing suits that have different prints that mask the problematic area.

Swimsuits 2021 for active women. If you plan to swim, play volleyball or want to try any other sports activity then you need a bikini that will not disappoint you at a crucial moment. You have to buy a bathing suit that provides adequate support to your bust and definitely avoid costumes that bind behind your neck because they will exert too much pressure. Be careful about the top braces and make sure they’re pretty tough.

Are you not happy with the way your posterior looks? Would you like it to be more bulging, more appetizing, more appealing? Well, your dream can be fulfilled if you do physical exercise to carve the posterior, but who has time for it? It’s easier for you to find a bathing suit to mask your defect. In this case, you need a deux pieces with a slip that has details to create a volume, such as curtains, plaids, or “curly” edges.

It is also good to choose a bathing suit that covers your back, and if it also has an addictive print, the better.

The secret of a well chosen suit is to draw attention to the most beautiful part of your body. This will help you gain more confidence in yourself. Here are some tips on how to get this:

– To highlight a part of your body, choose a strong color or a model suit;
– In order to hide a defect, choose a material in one color;
– If you have open skin, choose black swimsuit, dark purple, blue or brown tones;
– If you have darker skin, the strong colors will put you in the best position;
– To add volume to the bust or hips area, pick up something with the bumps;
– It’s always a good choice to wear, for example, a brightly colored bras that puts your décolleté in value, and a slip in a single dark color to hide some more bulky hips.

How to choose the swimsuit depending on the silhouette:

A well-chosen swimsuit will make you look and feel good. But for the choice of costume to be ideal for your figure, you need to know what type of figure you have. Depending on the area of ​​the body that you consider problematic, you will choose the swimsuit that masks the imperfections and highlights the strengths of your body.
Posterior and prominent thighs

If you have a pear-shaped figure, your mission is to create a balanced figure, focusing on the upper body, preferably on the bust area. A swimsuit with an extravagant bra or with a drawstring around your neck will fit you perfectly. If you prefer a full swimsuit, choose a very low-cut one or with cutouts.

Bust volumes

If you are the happy owner of a voluminous bust, support is the key word in the right swimsuit for you. You can choose a swimsuit whose bra has a support band under the cups. And the swimsuit with bra in the form of a bustier is suitable for a large bust. Whole, one-piece swimsuits must have cups to support the breasts.
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Small bust

Swimwear with a bandeau bra is best suited for women with small breasts. If you want to create the illusion of volume, choose floral prints or applications with ruffles. In terms of full swimsuits, women with small busts have an advantage over those at the base of the neck.

Athletic silhouette

Women with an athletic figure do not have voluptuous shapes so they must be created. Ruffled swimsuits with striped prints, multicolored swimsuits and one-piece swimsuits with cutouts in the waist area are suitable for an athletic figure.

Roll around the waist

If you have a roll around your waist, you don’t have to be complex, but you have to learn to hide them with a wisely chosen swimsuit. If you want a two-piece swimsuit, choose one whose briefs have a very high waist because they mask the curls and create the impression of a wasp waist. On the other hand, if you prefer a one-piece swimsuit, choose one without straps, which will accentuate the shoulder area and neckline. At the same time, you can choose geometric prints or a swimsuit with overlapping materials in the abdominal area.

Silhouette with voluptuous shapes

Women with voluptuous shapes need to accentuate their waist to create an hourglass silhouette. A retro swimsuit, with a balconette bra and briefs with a slightly high waist, benefits such a figure. Also, the one-piece swimsuit, with deep neckline, in the shape of the letter “V” is suitable for such a figure.

How to choose your swimsuit


Do you have a slim, athletic figure, like Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Biel? Then choose swimsuits with bold prints, ruffles or various applications. If you want a full suit, then opt for one with strategically placed cutouts.
How to choose your swimsuit: Generous bust

If you have a generous bust, look for a swimsuit with a lot of support. Don’t be afraid of prints! You can opt for a full swimsuit, with straps that tie at the nape of the neck, which will give you a lot of support.

How to choose your swimsuit: Small bust

Kate Hudson is your model when it comes to choosing a swimsuit. Opt for swimsuits with all kinds of applications in the bust area, because you don’t need too much support and this gives you the freedom to play with styles. A top suitable for you would be one with triangle-shaped cups.