Suits 2021


A man in a suit is more elegant, looks more masculine and more attractive. Suits, in general, are a very important component in a man’s wardrobe. Suits 2021 manage to offer you a lot of variants, options and tips to help you on this way. Each decade of the 20th century (beginning of the 21st century) left its mark on the costume. The shape and style of the modern man’s costume is due to the social, economic and cultural evolution.
The year 1900 represented a turning point in the history of fashion and men’s fashion. In the Western world, this decade represented the end of the Victorian era and the beginning of the comfort era. Leaving aside the restraint, men have discovered that they can feel and look good at the same time. Men wore 3-piece suits: jacket, vest and contrasting pants. His trousers were high ankle, cuff.
The 50’s brought with them a new fashion – tapered trousers. This new look was adopted by Hollywood celebrities such as Cary Grant, Fred Astaire or Gary Cooper. This point marked the beginning of a new perspective on costumes.
The early 60’s bring with them a lot of changes in men’s clothing: the size of the reverie is significantly reduced, the jackets have a straight cut, without a marked waist. Also during this time, designer Ralph Lauren presents an elegant style of costumes, which he tries to sell to Americans.
Even though a major change was taking place in those years, the classic costume never came off the radar: Sean Connery, Michael Caine and even the Beatles were among those who took the classic costume forward.
The 80’s brought with them a new beginning for the men’s costume. The look of this decade has been influenced by pop stars, movie actors, heavy metal bands and other celebrities on television. The opulence was visible in all aspects of the style, the men’s suits became lighter and wider, being suited to the very voluminous and colorful hairstyles. Designers have made men’s suits accessible to all social categories, focusing more on comfort.
The 90’s are represented by the wide costumes, the monotonous colors and the boring cuts. Men focused more on other social issues, such as education, economics or technology. Moreover, the shirt worn on the jacket became a memory and men began to wear shirts or blouses.


There are some effective tips from men suits 2021 that could help her choose the right outfit depending on the physical constitution:

The corpulent man

Often, those with such a physical constitution face various problems in purchasing a suit: the size of the neck does not match that of the trunk, the collar is too high, the pants too long. The general rule would be to not choose a much bigger suit, because of the desire to look weaker. Men suits 2021 offers you tips and solutions for that.

The short man

They are not recommended for long jackets, ties and wide straps or wide lashes, because they will make them look even shorter. It is advisable to wear shoes with a beautiful and thin line, to show a little cuff to lengthen the arms and opt for vertical lines, which will lengthen the entire look. Men’s suits 2021 could offer a lot of options.

The tall man

If you fall into this category, do not wear very thin ties because they will highlight your height, so opt for slightly wider ties. Be sure that men suits 2021 can help you if you are tall.

Athletic man

Experts say that men’s athletic attire should consist of a V-shaped jacket, with two buttons, a small collar, slightly tighter pants and suits labeled “slim” or “athletic.” Shoes should not be too thin, but not too massive. Men’s suits 2021 are full of options for this kind of men.

As we stated above, there are numerous and countless options to choose from in 2021. It may seem as if men’s suits 2021 are all the same. However, we assure you, that the variety of the men’s suits 2021 will amaze you.

The suit really is the ultimate in style, it’s something every man should have as it definitely helps improve your look and your self-confidence. Even if you are more like “I’m not the type of man to wear a suit” there are times when it is necessary to put one on (wedding, job interview …).
We have already talked about it, but the shirt remains a central piece of the male wardrobe. And even if it’s placed under your blazer and you’re wearing a size 64 suit, it’s still an important part of your outfit.
Avoid shiny materials such as silk, satin or twill at all costs, which catch the eye. Patterns and horizontal stripes can also weigh down your figure. So prefer simple and mat materials, and sober colors (white, black, gray…).
But the most important thing (whether you’re fat or not, by the way) is to choose a well-cut shirt, perfectly in your size. Shirts that are too small, whose buttons are ready to snap, or too large and which will yawn on the sides, are to be prohibited.
The pants, not to be neglected
Like the two previous costume pieces, the pants must be chosen according to the same criteria: a fitted cut adapted to your shapes. It should not be too tight or too wide to avoid accentuating your curves. The color should be sober and match your shirt and blazer.
As you will have understood, the key words to choose a costume if you are more square are simplicity (in the material and colors) and accuracy.
The small details often make the difference, among them we can mention the fact of making the cuffs of your shirt protrude 1 to 2 inches from the sleeves of the jacket. This is of course a point to think about when shopping for the costume, but don’t hesitate to pull the shirt cuffs a little after putting on your jacket.
Well-tailored dress pants need to be snug enough. This allows it to give your figure a certain slenderness.

If you fill your pockets with a smartphone, a card holder or even the car keys it will break this silhouette. Keep these items in your coat pockets or inside your jacket pocket for your smartphone. In case you are overloaded the best solution and having a bag with you, here are some models that will go very well with a costume. (Of course, the mobile phone holder that can be hung on the belt is totally prohibited !!!!).
There are many accessories that you can wear with a suit: a tie, a pocket square, a tie clip, a pin, a scarf… Avoid putting everything on at the same time !
For something formal, the tie and the pocket square are already very good. The tie clip can add a touch of rigor or originality, it depends on the point of view, but it is far from compulsory.

Buying a suit

Here are some very useful tips from men suits 2021 which you should consider when buying a suit or wearing one:

# Buy or wear only men’s suits 2021 that fit you well in size. This is a good aspect you should always take into consideration. To figure out if your jacket is right, look at your shoulders, they don’t have to stand up or go outside. When you close the jacket, it should not form an “X” on the buttons, because that means you are too tight.

# Regarding the length of the sleeves of the suit, they must come to the knot at the thumb of your hand. This is the basic rule, so try to remember it.

# If you can’t afford to buy more costumes, then invest in a charcoal-colored suit. This color is more versatile and easier to match with different designs and colors. Also, the colors blue, gray or black are very OK for a costume.

# The length of the pants and Men’s suits 2021 recommend to be above the heel of the shoes, and the material should not make more than a lightweight front, at the bottom of the pants. If you are more classic, wear your pants so that your socks are not visible when you are standing. However, if you are a follower of a younger, more modern style, opt for a slightly shorter trouser, with a view to the ankles and implicitly to the socks – if you want to stand out, they can be colored or with a funny print.

How to choose a costume

Different imperative aspects to be respected in ten main points namely:

1 – The occasions
2 – The color / pattern
3 – The fabric
4 – The size
5 – The cut
6 – The style
7 – Quality criteria
8 – Alterations
9 – The interview
10 – The brands to know

1. The occasions

It sounds silly, but it’s THE first point to make when trying to get a costume. Indeed, current decorum dictates that a costume intended for one task is not necessarily intended for another. Each occasion, therefore has its own type of costume: a work suit will not be your evening costume and vice versa. Unless your name is Harvey Specter and there you can afford to do it. In order to fully understand this point, we have decided to isolate three major opportunities that we will develop in the coming weeks:
A. For an interview
B. For a wedding
C. For an evening

2. The color / pattern

Do you know for what occasion you are going to wear your costume? Good. Now you have to choose your color. The costume code is governed by three basic colors: gray, navy blue and black. Again, the occasion to wear a suit determines the color: navy blue and gray for wedding and / or work and black for waiters and undertakers on more formal occasions. Other colors are of course possible, however be careful not to display all the colors in the Pantone range.

3. The fabric

The flagship fabric for a suit is undoubtedly wool. The latter can be found in different forms such as tweed or wool nate for example. There are also different qualities of wool, classified by the name Super XX’s. This system allows the fibers to be classified according to their thickness. Many people think that the Super rating is based on the quality of the wool, which is completely wrong: a Super 110’s is often more durable than a Super 180’s. But wool isn’t the only material used in making a costume. Cotton and linen, for example, make for thinner and lighter suits that are perfect for summer. Silk and cashmere can also be used but only partially, most often being mixed with wool. Then come – far, far behind – microfibers and polyester, ideal for telling yourself that you made a mistake in buying this costume, however inexpensive it was.

4. The size

This part can prove to be a real headache for a novice. There are many points that must be taken into account in order for your costume to stand out. Firstly, the build: your entire costume depends on your shoulder width. If you’re tight at this level, your jacket is definitely too small. If, on the other hand, you feel like a child who put on his father’s jacket, the jacket is way too big. The sleeves should also be watched: with your arms at your sides, they should stop at the level of the abductor top of your thumb. One last simple measurement allows you to know if the jacket of your suit is too tight or not: the rent. Button the first button and look at yourself in a mirror: if the jacket creases more than it should, it is too tight for you. On the contrary, if the lapels of the jacket yawn a lot, it is too big.

5. The cut

Very simply and schematically, there are only four types of jackets: one, two or three buttons and cross jackets (four or six buttons). The number of buttons on your jacket is again determined by the occasion for which you are going to wear your suit: for example, the more social the evening, the more buttons there are. The lapels of your jacket also determine how stylish you want to be when wearing your suit. Notchless lapels (or so-called shawl lapels), for example, will be perfect for a suit that comes closest to a tuxedo. Another important point, oh so important: the ideal cut will also depend on your morphology

6. Style

This part is closely linked to the previous one and it is, for me, one of the points that comes first. When it comes to costume, three styles are predominant: Italian style, English style and American style. These three styles are differentiated by certain subtleties. For example, the American costume will have a central slit while an English costume will have two on the sides or the Italian costume will be fitted while the American costume will benefit from a straight cut. If this is not the most important point, however, be aware that an “Italian” will not suit a person with a large build and an American costume is to be avoided for someone short and thin.

7. Quality criteria

Besides the general appearance of the costume, there are certain points to observe when buying a costume such as a functional buttonhole or a sewn rather than thermo-glued bib. Many discreet finishes let you know the quality of a suit and the care taken in its finishes. These added values ​​are what defines the price of a suit: in addition to the fact that a tailor-made suit is made in a unique way, its finishes such as half-moon pockets as well as a silk lining explain a high price.

8. Alterations

The major and main touch-up on a costume known to all is the length of the pants. But many others are possible, in order to best match your suit to your body type. Sleeve length adjusted by the shoulder head, belt width and other jacket bends are quite possible. But keep in mind that once you’ve done this, it’s hard to go back!

9. The interview

We will not teach you anything by telling you that a suit is not machine washed, but dry cleaned. That said, it is not enough to send it to the dry cleaners and it will follow you ad vitam aeternam. The first thing to do is not to leave your suit on the hangers provided by the dry cleaners: most of the time made of metal, these can, in the long term, damage the mesh and cause holes. A suit, if you don’t wear it every day, should be stored in a slipcover inside your closet. But be careful not to completely close the cover! In effect, this prevents the fibers from breathing.

10. Trademarks

We couldn’t conclude this file without telling you about the brands. From the most accessible to the most luxurious, each notable brand will be analyzed. The most important thing is in this part to show you the “pluses” and “minuses” of each and thus avoid buying a costume that is not what you were looking for.