Sandals For Women 2020

What are sandals ? – Do you know exactly what are sandals?

Sandals are actually a type of lightweight and fully ventilated footwear. This in the firs place, so yes it is all about a casual and very lightweight footwear. Normally, a sandal is formed by a sole, usually without heel or with a tiny one that is fastened on the corresponding part of the foot by the straps. So, as you notice s without heel, we know already that is casual and very lightweight.


Usually decorated (but not mandatory), made from from leather, cloth or wood, they kept in general the basic form for thousand of years. Primitive forms of footwear protected the legs of stones and ridges. In the Spanish caves, drawings have been discovered for over 10,000 years, depicting people with legs covered with animal skins. The major disadvantage of this type of footwear was that the skinned skin deteriorated rapidly, so the sandals were not durable.

Interesting is that it is believed that sandals are the first shoes made after simple and practical patterns. We could say say that there were two basic models. The first consisted of straps that ran between the toes, and the second, more sophisticated, had loops and holes on the sole of the sole, to be able to tie the toes. The sole of the sandal was made of any material, including leaves and wood. We even may say that sandals for women 2020 are not very different from the first ones discovered on this planet.

In ancient Egypt, sandals were made of papyrus. Braided and dried, the leaf of this plant was used for both the sole of the sandal and the straps. The shape of the foot printed in the wet sand served as a cap. According to Herodotus, papyrus sandals were a mandatory and characteristic part of the clothing of Egyptian priests. The oldest pair of papyrus sandals kept to this day is at the British Museum and dates to approximately 1,500 BC.

Because jewelry was precious in ancient Egypt, the precious stones were even embedded in the footwear. The higher the position on the social ladder, the richer the sandals were in the precious stones and the scarab.

The gold sandals found in the Egyptian tombs do not seem very comfortable to wear. Indeed, in Tutankhamun’s tomb were more than 80 pieces of footwear, including wooden sandals, painted with the faces of enemies, on which the king would step on each step. Very imaginative isn’t that? As historian W.M. Flinders Petrie, in his book “Kahun, Gurob and Hawara”, sandals were beautifully woven from the reed, usually with leather soles. One of the changes that occurred in everyday life during the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom was the increasing use of sandals, and those who used them most were soldiers and travelers. In the story “The Two Brothers,” Anubis set off on a journey in which, according to legend, he took his men and his sandals, his clothes and his weapons, and went to the Valley of the Pines. Sandals without any potential doubt are very present during the first time that man was dated on the planet Earth.

About Sandals

Sandals for women 2020 is, we hope, a very good article in whoch you can find good information regarding not only latest trends in sandals 2020 but also everything about this pieces. From ancient times until today, they symbolized prosperity and authority. For example Tutmes III referred to the conquered countries and to the rest of the world, saying: “All the lands were under my sandals.” (Wow, you have to admit – that is huge !!! ). And for the sixth dynasty, in the autobiography of Weni, an important general and governor of Upper Egypt, the role of a sandal carrier was an important step in his career and he even mentions it twice with great pride. In India, the sandals were made of wood, and in China and Japan, straw rice.

If we look to Europe, The Greeks, for example, preferred to spend this sandal strap over the thumb, the Romans, over the second, while the peoples of Mesopotamia, over the third. The Greeks made a distinction between sandals called basseae, made from willow leaves, walnuts and worn by comedians and philosophers, and cothurnus, a type of sandals that had straps raised to the middle of the foot and were worn by tragic actors, horsemen, hunters and aristocrats. The sole of the latter type of footwear was thicker and had cork inserts, to raise the wearer’s stature and thus emphasize its social importance.

For The Romans, the most common type of footwear for the outside was calceus, a variant of Roman sandal that is still worn today. It covered the entire leg and was held tight by the use of leather laces. Crepida was another type of Roman sandal that covered the side and back of the foot and could be worn in many ways.

Two strips of material passed one after the big toe and the other over the foot, caught by a sole. Simple, comfortable and durable, the method of making this type of footwear known in history as the sandals of Jesus has not changed in the last 2,000 years. Handmade, made of ox leather, this clothing accessory is still sold in Jerusalem. Even before the advent of Christ, the Romans used this type of footwear to protect their feet.

The model of Jesus’ sandals has been taken over by modern shoe designers without altering it, but only improving it. Its features of simplicity and comfort have been preserved. Even if the sandals for women 2020 are worn all year round to make a good impression on the red carpet, we can only now, when the sun raises the temperature, we can draw inspiration from the outfits presented at worldly events.

During the hot season, sandals for women 2020 are the most appreciated footwear items among women. They can be worn with light outfits, regardless of style, because the numerous models available on the market help us to match them with just about anything. The collections proposed by designers bring to the fore heeled sandals reminiscent of the period of the ’60s-’70s, composed of several bars that support walking and a massive heel meant to develop the leg muscles giving it a supple air.

Sandals for women 2020 offers a variety of models and styles from which every lady can choose his favorite. Some says that the real spring starts when we reveal from our closet the sandals. Indeed it is a good sign that outside is very pleasant from temperature point of view.

Sandals For Women 2020 offers you most important tips to help you choose the best option :
– if you have to wear a formal outfit do not avoid sandals, there are plenty of models to fulfill your tastes.
– outside is a shity weather and it rains…well then you can leave your sandals at home
– combine sandals with : maxi skirts, midi skirts, cardigans, pullovers or jeans.

What to Wear With Sandals

Thick heeled sandals

This type of footwear is usually recommended for elegant outfits dressed up for events. For example, it is a perfect choice for a pair of thick heeled sandals in combination with an elegant midi skirt and a lace body or a pair of flared trousers and a lace top. So does that sound great? Of course, if they are not made of elegant materials such as natural / twisted leather or maybe the model is not elegant, you can wear them with jeans and a shirt when you go out.

  Low sandals

The low sandals fit perfectly with the light summer dresses. Thus, whether you are wearing a short, colorful dress, or choosing an A-shaped, long or closed, you cannot go wrong wearing the indicated sandals. In fact, the low sandals, also known as gladiator sandals, can add style to your outfits. Wear them with short jeans, shirt-like dresses or dresses that mimic the material of the jeans and you will return many looks.

   Flatform sandals

They are extremely easy to wear with jeans of any color or with tapered pants. Thus, by adopting a casual outfit with cut jeans, a plain shirt and such a pair of shoes you will feel and look great all day long.

    Low-heeled sandals

Surely you have seen that in the trends of this summer there are sandals with small and thick heel. Well, find out that these are ideal for office outfits, as they offer elegance and comfort to those who choose to wear them. Therefore, it is very easy to combine with a conical skirt or elegant pants and a shirt or elegant blouses.

    Platform sandals

These can be worn successfully by those who want to feel great all day, but also gain a few inches in height. They fit both jeans and midi skirts. Without a doubt, their material and model matter extremely and cannot be worn with very elegant outfits.

Therefore, take into account the advice given regarding the outfits that you can wear depending on the sandals you have and do not forget to order others to vary!

Flat sandals:

Wedge Sandals:

Gladiator Sandals