Puffer Jackets For Men 2019

From the chapter on clothing we can revitalize, it seems that this year is the puffer jacket. Stubborn, fluffy and probably cramped behind the wardrobe, the puffer jacket is back in trend this winter.

Considering the temperatures that are going to drop, it is advisable to clothe ourselves thicker. It is time to leave the autumn jackets and coats for coats and fur coats. If you are fancy winter jerseys, the novelty is that the puffer jacket is back in power.

Taking into account the recent revival of clothing that our parents forced us to wear in the early 1990s, puffer jacket is officially again trendy. No, they are no more flattering than they were in their glory. And yes, I’m about to invade all windows, whether you like it or not.

In fact, dozens of brands have put their footprint on this practical and comfortable jacket.
The fashion house of the famous Spanish creator, Cristóbal Balenciaga, has set the precedent. In the autumn of 2016 he promoted a red puffer jacket. She went on with another puffer jacket, army-green, in asymmetrical style.

Typically puffers are quite unsightly in size. To turn them from intimidating articles into something fashionable, there are some strategies.

First, you can balance the excess volume at the top of the girdle with something simpler and thinner at the bottom. Ideal is a pair of black cut jeans.

Or, if you’re really bold, you can choose the Michelin Man style. Turn into the famous mascot with a pair of wide pants and an oversized cardigan that sits beneath the jacket. You will feel comfortable and you will be warmed when the temperatures drop. Let’s not add that you will be in the trend.

Hawke & Co Men’s Poly Packable Puffer Jacket
best puffer jacket 2019

Designed as a warm weather jacket with zero weight that packs into nits own pocket; The Corbin is the ideal choice for changing weathers and fun adventures.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Classic Hooded Puffer Jacket
mens puffer jacket 2019

The lining is a shiny, almost metallic looking color. With the black jacket the lining in green, but not a bright green. A metallic almost metal looking green shade. It looks sharp against the black outer color.
The coat is thick enough for early winter, or even all winter if you live in a climate where it stays above zero. Here in Minnesota this coat will work through December, then in January when it’s below zero, even in the middle of the day, a thicker coat will been necessary. However by mid February when it’s above zero again it will be perfect to wear again. It’s not a thin barely-there coat.

U.S. Polo Assn. Men’s Big and Tall Classic Short Bubble Jacket
gents puffer jacket 2019

This is a perfect and versatile jacket which you can choose to give more option on your everyday wardrobe.

Columbia Men’s Frost-Fighter Puffer Jacket
puffer jacket 2019

Awesome jacket that was a must for me in black. Combined it with a matching color Columbia fleece.

9 Crowns Essentials Men’s Lightweight Puffer Jacket

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It fits great and the quality is good. Not too puffy but still warm. Great jacket for the money.