Prom Dresses 2021

Because soon the beginning of the beginning balls of the year in high schools and faculties, I thought a small shopping guide would catch hard. I’ve tried to choose something to suit any type of party: from a sophisticated one in a distinguished set-up to something casual that can double as a daytime dress if you throw a leather jacket over it. After all, you do not want to buy a disposable dress, right?

The budget must remain for the accessories, I hope that I have managed to choose some options that will not “upset” you too much. But whatever you choose, do not forget that the most sexy accessory you can have with you is the attitude: be cool! It does not matter what you wear as long as you are with friends and you feel good!

Choosing the dress for the graduation ball can be difficult: we want to show millions, be a hold that we will admire over many years when we find the pictures that fit perfectly and preferably do not have to to spend a fortune on it.

Here are the criteria you need to keep in mind:

Hourglass silhouette (bust and generous hips, thin waist). Gowns on the waist match that highlight voluptuous shapes.

Silhouette of pear (generous hips, shoulders and modest bust). Dresses that make the waist are not recommended, they are not molded at the bottom and have an interesting pattern at the top.

Androgynous silhouette (modest hips and bust, slightly defined waist). Fit a dress that accentuates the waist.

Apple Silhouette (thick waist, generous bust, thick legs). Long gowns next to the body are recommended.

It’s hard to find a dress model that’s good for you, to be on your own and to complete all those pictures you’ve saved on We heart it and Pinterest … I do not count on the fact that we do not want to we wake up with the same dress pattern as the one on the left table …

You have to have a fantasy when it comes to the banquet dress! You have to want something, but that is actually two or three dresses seen at various presentations or parties … Have access to such good designers as we do now and not take advantage of it: it’s a sad landscape. The artist works for hours, days, perhaps even weeks in a row, on a versatile piece that inspires him from his personality. This is the first criterion after which I choose a special dress. Because I want that cloth to mean more, to have a soul. Another criterion according to which we choose our banquet dress is quietness.

Graduation balls can be more or less sophisticated, depending on the number of participants, the location and the budget allocated for the event.

If you have decided with your colleagues that you will have a formal graduation ball, then the dress code most likely is black tie. A good fit for such an event is gala. Try out any of the special occasion gowns or two-piece sets, a corset and a skirt.

The dress should be compulsory in the evening because the less formal dresses are not quite stylish and do not fit the occasion. As for footwear, you must opt ​​for a pair of high-heeled shoes. Flats or low-end shoes are less suitable for such an event.

There are many types of lengths of dresses you can choose, but the most common ones are:

– Mini dresses with a length not exceeding the knee
– Cocktail dresses with a length that slightly exceeds the knee
– Tea-length (or three-quarter) dresses, with a midi length, up to half the calf
– Long dresses to the ankles
– Maxi dresses, long to the ground

Avoid mini and cocktail dresses if the dress code is black tie. For a formal event, you can opt for long, evening gowns.

If you do not mind the idea of ​​wearing a long dress, you can try to wear a Tea-length dress, with a length up to half the calf. For an informal dress code, you can also choose a short dress, especially if you benefit from length and you are adept at playful looks.

If the event takes place during the warm season, head to a diaphanous fluid such as silk or veil. For the cold season, opt for sophisticated velvet, taffeta or even a special brocade. The color of the dress should characterize you, be appropriate for your age and, last but not least, flatten your skin tone. This season, stylists advise you to opt for pastels, yellow mustard, olive or red.

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