Pencil Skirt 2021

Do you want to flatten your waist, highlight your shapes, look weaker and be no matter the occasion? The solution is simpler than you think. All you need is a pencil skirt … or more if it’s so versatile.

The pencil skirt has been in women’s wardrobe for decades, but now it’s back in trend, more chic than ever. The reason? No matter what your silhouette, you’ll look fabulous in a pencil skirt. No wonder it’s a timeless piece. If in the past we looked strictly from the perspective of an office wardrobe, she now accompanies us successfully at the cocktail, in the park, and even on the red carpet.

What skirt do you look the best? Choose the perfect model for your silhouette!

Read on to learn how to make this classic piece look good on your silhouette.

Put your hands on the trumps

If you have a para silhouette, choose a skirt in a solid color, preferably in a darker shade than the top. Attract attention to the top by opting for skirts in bright colors or with bold prints. However, if you have a generous bust but would get a good extra centimeter on your hips, do the opposite. The color gate uniches up and uses bold prints on the skirt to create the impression of voluptuous shapes.