Midi Skirts 2021

At first glance, the midi skirt may seem difficult to wear, but there is a suitable model for each silhouette. Here are some tricks you can easily follow, so that the final look will be appreciated:

# 1 Highlight your waist! Insert the underside of the top / shirts inside the skirt waist. Alternatively, you can try a wide top to tighten at the waist with a strap, so that the underside will create a peplum effect (match this version with a skirt with a straight or narrow, never wide strap).

# 2 Choose a short jacket, up to the waist level. A longer model, which falls on the hips, can create a too conservative look.

# 3 The combination of a high waist skirt and a bustier top creates the perfect silhouette – the subtle strip of skin visible under the bust will not only create a subtle sensual effect, but will camouflage an imperfect abdomen.

# 4 Choose the right length – for the mignons, a midi skirt is recommended, which I tend to fall a little below the knee, while, on a higher figure, the lengths up to half of the calf are excellent.

Midi skirts 2020 are a favorite of many women, but they can be quite problematic because in an outfit that doesn’t fit, they can look pretty bad.

If you are one of those women who love midi skirts, but are afraid they will not fail with the outfit and everything will be a disaster, this article is for you. Even if you consider yourself too short, full or any other reason, well, considering a few aspects, you can always wear a midi skirt.

The first thing you need to know about midi skirts is that not all have the same length, which means you have to choose your model carefully and if it does not fit you perfectly, adjust it to the tailoring. An ideal midi skirt should reach the middle of the calf, hence the name “midi”. But this length does not benefit anyone and therefore you can wear skirts whose length goes above the knee because it will create the same effect and at the same time be much easier to match. In conclusion, if the length up to the middle of the leg does not benefit you, choose the one below the knee and you will have the desired effect.

Choose stiletto shoes or peep-toe shoes, but simple model, without the band around the ankle, as this will give the impression that the feet are shorter. We all know that a midi dress or skirt will look good with heeled shoes, but can we wear ballerinas in such an outfit? Yes, as long as we are wearing ballerinas with sharp tips and not ballerinas with round tips. Indeed, ballerinas do not create the effect of long legs, but if you know how to match them you will definitely have a Pinterest-worthy look.