Men’s Coats for Winter 2021

It is winter and the cold is coming. To protect us we need a quality winter coat. If you think you do not need such a garment, think again. You will not protect yourself from cold if you wear two sweaters under the spring or autumn jacket. You need a practical one and a style that represents your personality.

In this article you will know what you need to know before purchasing a winter garment. Its length may vary from waist to knee. Many have cuffs and collars to highlight the fact that you wear a stylish coat.

Long knee-length clothing is recommended for formal wear, but it also works well for casual wear. One-button buttons are suitable for both casual and stylish outfits. If you want something more modern, choose a short coat.

If you have no idea of ​​the model you want, here are some tips that will help you buy your winter coat.

Depending on where you sit or where you plan to go, you will want a thicker or thinner material. If the climate is very cold, then the recommended material is wool. Another material would be cashmere that will keep warm all winter. Also, the skin is a good material that can be worn when it’s not cold.

What criteria should you consider when buying a winter jacket?

– the climate and the environment we live in;
– winter jacket destination (where we wear it);
– impermeability;
– how hot it is;
– resistance of closing systems and seams;
– the manufacturer;
– size;
– the length;
– the price.

Being dry and cozy for heavy weather conditions in winter is not very difficult if you know some basic rules regarding the necessary equipment. Whether you are hiking or skiing, you must avoid some mistakes that can put your health at risk, especially when the weather is capricious.

The cold season is approaching fast. If you already have everything you need to enjoy the winter adventures without suffering from cold or damp, it means that you have carefully chosen your mountain gear and that your “secrets” have been revealed to you. But if you are preparing for shopping, then you should consider some rules to make sure you do not spend the money. Because, yes, good equipment costs, but it deserves every penny, because it ensures your health and happiness on the growth. And it resists the years.

1. Fashion before the features

Bright colors, exciting patterns, a good style to wear in a city outing – all these are features that you might want to watch when you buy clothes, but when it comes to winter equipment, they often make you mistaken . There is nothing wrong with looking good, but it is important to remember that the primary functions of mountain clothes are: to keep warm, to remove moisture or to avoid (where appropriate) to protect from the wind.

Try, when choosing your three layers of clothing for the cold season (base, intermediate and outdoors), to choose them so that you feel comfortable. For example, avoid as much as possible the zippers at the base and the intermediate layer. Not by the other, but think how you feel in the neck if each layer has a zipper. It’s not very comfortable, is it? Especially when you want to move. At the same time, cutting is very important. The base layer must be molded to allow you to easily clothe the other layers. Then, the intermediate layer should fit under your ski jacket / pants without constraining your movements in any way.

2. Layer issue

Now you need to understand the issue of the three layers. The base layer is the one that comes directly to the skin and should help to adjust the temperature. More specifically, it has to be made of a material that easily removes sweat. In this sense, synthetic fibers are preferred because cotton absorbs moisture and dries hard. Over this layer comes the intermediary, with the role of maintaining the heat. Here, you can choose a wool sweater or polar sweater. The second variant is cheaper and easier to maintain. Finally, you need an impermeable jacket and anti-wind properties. All three layers are found in variants varied in material and thickness. Do not forget that the mountain trousers do not have to be taken directly on the skin, no matter how good you think it will be with them. There is also a base layer for the lower body, which has the same characteristics (eliminates sweating and quickly dries). Over this layer you can actually get waterproof pants and lined with warm material.

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