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The leather jacket will always be in the top of a fashion loving preference, because it’s a piece that will never get demoted. Moreover, it can easily be worn at any time of the day, no matter if you choose to match it with a bohemian dress with a steering wheel or with a pair of slim pants, white shirt and stiletto shoes.

The leather jacket is probably one of the most popular clothing pieces of all time; if we’re going to take the world’s fashion makers, we can say that this is and will always stay in trend regardless of the season.

With an all black outfit, you cannot get it wrong. Choose skinny jeans or leggings, a wide sweater to the bottom. If you want an edgy or rock chic look, do not forget the oversized silver accessories.

For a bold outfit, choose the leather jacket with artificial fur and get rid of accessories.

Sober and refined, with beautiful details, the leather jacket can also be associated with a simple dress; it matters a lot to not have a loaded outfit, so opt for a darker jacket (recommended black or gray gray).

As for the dress, you can choose a short cut with A (one color), a midi knit or a babydoll dress.

You can also wear a long, oversized sweater over a pair of blue jeans and low sole shoes (tennis, or even ballet dancers).

Therefore, short leather jackets can be worn without any problems with sports pants (or casual sports), a message and converse t-shirt, or sneakers; if you prefer heels, we recommend choosing sneakers with hidden orthopedic foot.

A mix of impact, but less adopted, is the one with cocktail dresses, evening dresses, to the knees or even to the ground. We exclude, however, the Red Carpet treasures too precious.

The leather jacket goes together with shorts of leather or jeans with long socks and boots. In the colder days we can opt for a thick and matt dress.

The classic jeans can be worn with a biker leather jacket under which we choose a long oversize jersey.

If you are a fan of your pants, remember that with a biker leather jacket you can wear long, lightweight trousers that, with high heel shoes, stretch your silhouette. You can also opt for conical pants with Oxford shoes for a male inspirational outfit.

For footwear, you can choose boots for both shorts or long skirt, and Oxford shoes for conical pants to the ankle. When choosing the evening dress with the leather jacket, you must choose high-heeled shoes.

Depending on the type of leather jacket, you can decide how much you access your outfit. If you have a jacket that contains many zips, metal targets or rings, then try as far as possible not to load your arms, earrings or necklaces. It would be too much! However, if you have a lighter jacket and especially if you hold your hair tight, you can choose earrings, but do not overlap the collar collar.

You do not get bored when you choose to invest in a leather jacket, because it will be joining you for many years now. You can give a comfortable and chic note to an evening outfit, office or day outfit and, in addition, will keep you warm.