How To Wear A t shirt

T-shirts are in the wardrobe of any woman. They are comfortable clothes, so it’s no surprise that we all have a full collection. But how do I integrate them into everyday life and how do I match them with other pieces of clothing to get chic outfits?
T-shirts are meant to provide comfort and freedom of movement, so we most often wear them in sports outfits, along with light pants and sneakers / tennis.
Whether we go to the gym or jogging, or run away to the corner shop, sports outfits are the ones that accompany us.
In casual outfits, T-shirts can be worn in a wide variety of combinations. It is matched with long or short pants, jeans, tights or skirts. To get chic outfits over t-shirts we can wear jackets, cardigans or shirts.

These casual outfits were on the street, shopping, outing with friends, holidays, moments when we feel free and creative.

As our moments of relaxation we can wear our favorite colors or prints, but carefully assorted with the rest of the outfit.

Even if we work in a rather rigid corporate environment, the t-shirts can be successfully integrated into office outfits, combined with pants or skirts.

An office jacket or cardigan worn over a sleek t-shirt, creates an impeccable office outfit and provides you with comfort.

We must keep in mind that in office outfits, prints and décor are not recommended. Choose shirts in neutral colors (white, black, gray, brown or pale colors), give up deep prints and décor.

Just like other pieces of clothing and shirts should be chosen according to the shape of the body. You have to follow the body line well, but do not be so big that you can not breathe.

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