Floral Dresses 2021

With a floral dress you can make more outfits depending on the other pieces of clothing and accessories that I use.
As time changes, we like to show more skin and wearing vibrant lipsticks that highlight our skin tone. Flower dresses and floral patterns are often the “spring” and the “summer”. As spring is rebirth, so do we rebirth by adding multicolored dresses to our outfits.

Are you ready to express your femininity? In this article I will show you the versatility of dresses with folk prints and how to wear them.

Gowns with floral prints, coupled with the right accessories and outer garments, are easy to wear. They easily remove, the darkness of winter becoming a style of trust throughout the summer and spring.

While a floral dress is wonderful in theory, the truth is that it could be a challenge to be worn. Flower patterns are hectic and colorful. Which color is the best? How do you shape your hair and choose your shoes or accessories? The following advice comes from our stylists. They give you insights on how to wear and enhance the flowering dresses.

Although at first glance seems a real challenge, a floral print dress is not at all difficult to match. Because the pattern involves multiple colors (at least two) in terms of the rest of your outfit you should adopt nude shades or full colors. If the dress is full of color, it’s no use to add more prints! So, the bag, the shoes, the strap, the necklace or the scarf you wear on your neck. All of this must be in a delicate, discreet and full shade! If not, you risk falling down and being like a rainbow. Imagine what you would look like if you were wearing a floral print dress, a spoon scarf and a geometric print bag!

When you buy a floral print dress, you need to be very careful both in its color and pattern. If the dress will be worn during the day, you can opt for a little floral print. If, on the contrary, you wear the dress in the evening, then the pattern will have to be a slightly smoother one, so choose a generous print that stands out, and the dress is longer, maybe even up to the ground. It is also very important that the model you want to buy is also beneficial to you. Do not forget that the dress must be part of your personality. If not, you will wear it left and you will not feel comfortable at all. Choose your taste and what you think the silhouette also benefits from.

Short or long, brightly colored or sober, elegant or street, floral print gowns will be in great demand this year. They are, after all, a must of the season.

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Floral dresses will never go out of style, but they are quite difficult to wear without making mistakes. First of all, you have to remember that they are quite loaded, so the rest of the outfit should be as simple as possible. The massive shoes started to be matched with light dresses with subtle prints already last summer. Fashion bloggers fell in love with this trend and started wearing massive sneakers and dresses, especially midi or maxi, with floral motifs.