Flats with a Dress 2021

The supremacy of the high heels is almost dethroned this year by shoe models with a low heel or a heel. After years in which the heights of the heels have risen sharply, in the autumn / winter season 2018 – 2019, counterparts are attracting, and exaggerated platforms are opposed to flats, elegant shoes for special occasions.

Many of us do not have the concept to wear a special outfit without the pair of highly-assorted high heel shoes. I admit that at first it was difficult for me to imagine a stylish, stylish look in the same landscape with a pair of junior shoes.

However, fashion trends are often overturned by myths, and this season you have the chance to admire the evening’s delightful, absolute collections, coupled with pairs of shoes with only one footprint.

Flats, slippers, masculine inspirational shoes, zipper, zipper or hedgehog, low shoe models are the coolest accessory for an inventive evening outfit.

For the most fashionist nonconformist, the low shoes worn on a special evening at a cocktail party, for example, may be the most original style statement. Inspire from the clothing combinations made by Olivia Palermo or Alexa Chung, some of the most fashionable figures of the moment.

Along with the shoes you wear for your day, put in the fall wardrobe at least a pair of shoes without a heel, with a special texture or shade.

In this year’s end, velvet, opulent prints of Baroque inspiration, or animal print are the proposals that shoe designers rely on.

The short pockets made of cloth or leather, along with versatile, colorful shirts, fit perfectly with a pair of non-animal print print shoes. You can choose a model made entirely from this print or, like the Aldo balers, a pair in the black-animal-print combination.

Because we are still under the domination of targets, metallic materials and glitter, I recommend for a shiny look, a pair of “brogues” silver or some nude shoes, with only a few strasses strategically applied to the shoe side.

Take advantage of the range of models you can find in stores and match your new short cloche dress with an ultra-glamorous pair of slippers and strasses.