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The denim shorts are an extremely versatile piece of clothing, and they can easily benefit women with beautiful legs. Denim is always on the trend, so short jeans pants are good to always find a place in your wardrobe. Blend, cut, print, lace or different details, shorts are a must-have for any summer.
In other words, it is important to know that it is no longer a sports outfit, but if you know how to match it you can make a casual look and even chic.
Regardless of your personal style, I’m sure you have a pair of short jeans in your wardrobe. Whether they are with a low or tall waist or a wide or worn or not, a pair of short jeans can easily become your basic piece during the summer … if the silhouette allows you, of course. Being dressed in the morning until the evening, shorts are one of the few pieces of clothing that are not old.
You can find short jeans anywhere, from the corner boutique to a designer shop, and more, you can do it yourself – you only need an old pair of jeans and a scissors.
For lovers of the rock, edgy style, shorts of jeans go with a plain white T-shirt along with an imitation leather jacket. A pair of military boots, a few golden bracelets, a messy haircut complements the rock star look.
Do you love summer boots? Bring them with jeans shorts, a simple top and a light asymmetric cardigan for a relaxed, casual look.
Ladies diaphanous tops fit nicely with jeans shorts. The result will be a romantic, boho-chic style, perfect for holiday days, outdoor excursions and music festivals where you want to participate this summer. They opt for blouses with naked shoulders or transparent ones with embroidered details.
If you want to create a glamorous outfit, you just have to put on shorts with a top or a shiny jacket. It’s an outfit that suits the activities all day, but it also goes to the terrace or club in the evenings. Take care, but do not use glittering accessories, just one item is enough. Let the top or jacket be the center of interest and, otherwise, keep the look as simple as possible.
Even if it’s summer, the evening can be cool. In this case, appeal to a very chic attire and combine shorts with a message shirt or print and a leather jacket. You can wrap shoes with a heel or a pair of ballerinas, you’ll be just as exciting.
The short jeans trousers are out of your wardrobe this summer. You can include them in so many variants that it would be an enormous loss not to be on your list of must-have clothes.