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If you are not the skirt or dress, we suggest you try the capri pants (three quarters). The length of these pants varies and you must always choose the one that matches your conformation. If you are a mignon, we suggest wearing hinged or platform shoes, and for the tall, comfortable ballet dancers. Choose the choice of striped trousers that will fit both the office and the elegant ones. In his spare time, he wears a lightweight shirt and matches his trousers with a colorful shirt.

Although it’s hard to wear, and not every woman can include them in the dresses that are representative of her style, the capri trousers are now in fashion. Why, are you asking?

– have a playful look;
– can be sexy when she reveals her ankle;
– the look created by the capri pants is trendy;
– looks great in combination with boots and boots;
– fit nicely with shoes that have straps and strings along the leg;
– are more suitable in summer than a normal pair of pants or jeans.

If you’re a woman with an attractive look for playful looks, then the goat pants are a good choice for you. But how do you fit the clothes in your wardrobe to get successful outfits?

# To get a beautiful look of your outfit, choose to wear a pair of conical capri pants. If they follow the natural line of the foot, they will look even better.
# To stop the effect of shortening your feet, choose to wear heels. The broader heeled trousers will fit nicely with some heels.
# You have to use the rule of the thirds to make sure that the goat pants will give you a more pleasant look. In this sense, the top is 1/3 and the bottom 2/3. You can reverse these values ​​if you want. To get the rule of the thirds, either insert a blouse inside your pants or wear a tunic or a dress on top.
# Look for shoes that look like pants. In the absence of a contrast between the heels and footwear, your legs will get longer.
# Do not forget to wear boots or hiking shoes to look as high as possible.
# Heavily-looking goat trousers can be worn much better with a short top than with a normal top. This combination is trendy and looks very good too.