Camel Coat Fall 2021

Camel Coats 2021

We know that black is the color that most often gets us out of fashion, especially this season. When it comes to a party, a little black dress is perfect for folding the event, on regular days of the week a pair of black shoes is the solution to accessorize almost any outfit, and at work a black office suit will impress you. every time. And when it comes to outerwear, black autumn clothing is the first choice if we want to be dress-safe. With the thought of autumn clothing, we propose today to turn your attention to another versatile and modern alternative, even if black is a justified and successful option: the camel-colored coat. This is special, it makes your texture and tailoring easier to notice, and details like buttons, pockets or seams are even easier to see.

The camel, a very friendly color

You may have already heard of this color, whose presence in the fashion dictionary has been around for several decades now. The name of the color is related to the nice and mysterious camel, animal with fur in unique beige-brown-reddish tones, which can be found in this shade. Because it is part of the color palette of earth / nude colors, camel is one of the colors that can be easily matched with a number of other colors, more or less powerful. This is recommended as a very friendly color, which does not fade when placed next to red, blue, black, green, yellow, orange, purple, ocher or pastel colors and delicate.

With a camel coat you always create a modern outfit

Unlike black, which can propel you (depending on the garments and accessories you combine) either in the category of classic outfits or in contemporary outfits, with the camel coat you always create a modern outfit. And when we say modern, we are not referring to fashion extravagances, but to a fresh breath emanating from the entire outfit, because the camel coat has miraculous properties to let out the rest of the chosen pieces and let them be alive, even if they are alive. I belong to the classical area.

Elegant or casual, the style is a winner anyway

Another advantage of this coat is, in addition to the chromatic versatility, and the fact that it can be easily matched with pieces from different registers, for some very different looks. Although it can best be seen in classic-elegant combinations, perfect for office days, outings or shows, when accessorized with a pair of sports shoes and denim pants, camel clothing becomes the catalyst for a casual outfit. , as appetizing as the elegant one. When it comes to bags and shoes, you can wear it with a backpack, a large bag or a medium size envelope, with boots and boots with or without heel, and the modern look will not be worn at all.