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Although a pair of heel shoes can quickly transform a casual outfit into an elegant one, we cannot deny that sport shoes are the element you need to make a show to show chic. Due to the fact that white sports shoes have been the focus of attention lately, it will be easy to choose a pair that suits you perfectly. If you think the white sneakers are too simple and give you a too simple look, you do not have to worry about it.
We all enjoy sports shoes, are comfortable, perfect for long walks and every day and increasingly fashionable. We wore them when we walked the dog in the park, when we were shopping, when we went out with the girls to a terrace and, more recently, in the office. And it’s as if we’ve gained a superpower since with this trend, because we’ve become more energetic and tireless.

If you are a little bit afraid of associating female or even stylish women, we offer you some recipes that you will surely go for. And you’ll go. And you’ll go. Because you will have no reason to stop or feel any discomfort.

A short dress in an open shade, a black leather jacket and a backpack describe perfectly the adventurous high school scholar. If you complete the outfit with a pair of tall socks, a pair of sneakers and some sunglasses, you’ll make your office colleague ask if you want to get out of chemistry. In addition, you will feel comfortable in this youthful and daring attire.

Blue jeans and white shirt remain the top of our preferences. And because it’s a lightweight look that can be worn in the office on a Friday’s day, we suggest choosing the most comfortable combination: mom’s jeans, simple jersey and some women’s sneakers to get you out of the mess not just when wearing jeans, but also dresses or skirts. The oversized poster will add a personal touch to the outfit and will give you a precious and bold air.

A siren skirt that highlights both hips and ankles looks unexpectedly well with a pair of sports shoes. If among the other ingredients is a blouse blouse and a chic purse that you wear on your wrist, you will look like cut from fashion magazines. It’s a bold choice, but if you trust it and access it appropriately, you will feel the queen of the ball wherever you go.

Of course, you can let your imagination fly and wear your tennis shoes or jeans sarafans and sneakers with lacy dresses and bangles or pants. It’s almost impossible to make a mistake because you have to admit, sports shoes are currently the most versatile piece in your wardrobe.

Try to wear them with pants or jeans that leave your ankle open. A lot of alternatives have emerged, apart from the classic boyfriend running: you find them online with the name of “cigarette jeans” or “ankle jeans” or, simply, you can simply shorten your favorite pair.
If you choose long skinny pants, choose some leather (or imitation leather).
Choose to wear them with long trousers, if you want and choose a pair of wide pants at the base to cover the tennis lot.
As a general rule, adopt a casual outfit and look: do not make excessive make-ups and do not dress too much-even if they are really cool shoes, it also requires a relaxed attitude to be worn. Do not limit yourself to the rules above and choose the pair that suits you best.