Are UGGs Still In Style 2020

UGGs have become an icon of casual fashion, and this has only happened in just a few years. Extremely comfortable, warm, although initially characterized as “ugly”, “no-form” boots still have a background: they are versatile, they are those pairs of shoes that give a trendy note to casual outfits of the cold season.

It seems that UGG boots were born in the 70s, somewhere on the Australian coast, in Byron Bay, where surfers were gathering for the most beautiful waves in the world. Between the riding sessions they felt the need to warm their legs and made some rough, but sheepskin boots that absorbed moisture and could be wrapped and dismantled very quickly. From this moment to the world success has passed some time. In 1978, Brian Smith brought them to UGG beaches in California, but in the 1990s, when most celebrities used to rest their legs during the breaks, UGG boots became famous. In 2000 Oprah is the one who declares excited that UGG boots are one of her favorite things. Currently UGG boots are a must-have in any wardrobe, especially as they have expanded their diversity both in color and detail.

Good news or not, the UGGs are back! And we are not talking about the fact that we are quickly shoeing a pair of UGGs (the most comfortable and easy to fit boots, in my opinion) for small night shopping, but a new generation of stars that fits in style with a feminine, chic and relaxed outfit with a comfortable pair of UGG, without torturing it’s feet with heels of 5 inches.

Here are some suggestions to wear UGG in style:

– Do not wear UGGs with make-up. A fresh, natural look fits the boot comforters.
– The UGG boots are a combination that you’d better avoid … if you want a stylish appearance, not just an outfit to go to bread or to ride a puppy.
– Try combining it with a wide vintage dress (any length), possibly with a fluffy oversized cardigan on top.
– A shirt or sweater dress with a pair of short UGG boots, hung on the bare foot, is a combination that you can keep in mind when it gets warmer outside.

Choose a pair of UGG boots as simple as the classic or single-button, shorter and neutral color.

There are 3 main reasons why you should choose to buy and wear such a pair of “Australian boots”:

– are made of leather and natural wool:
– fit with casual, casual outfit;
– they can wear in any season, being very versatile.

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